How to Make Hydrangea Classic Stand Out

Creating a wedding backdrop against an old fairytale gate of an idyllic castle

By: MARTIJN SCHEVERNELS | 30-08-2021 | 2 min read News
Hello, my name is Martijn Schevernels, I was born with a passion for flowers. I have been working as a florist in Pelt, Belgium, under the name Florentius for twelve years in the Wedding & Event sector. To be in line with all trends for late summer and fall weddings I worked with these exceptionally beautifully colored hydrangeas Pimpernel Classic & Ruby Red Classic for my new portfolio. An inspirational backdrop has to make these warm autumn colors stand out even more. That's what I love so much about hydrangeas. They change their colors from fresh to warm. And the flowers become even stronger.    

Wedding Ceremony Backdrop With Hydrangea Pimpernel Classic & Ruby Red Classic

Creating this ceremony backdrop against an old fairytale gate of an idyllic castle made me realize again why I lost my heart on wedding flowers. The emotion you can bring in a design is so powerful and for this shoot, I opted for an additional dark color palette of flowers like melia, clematis, daucus, sanguisorba,....and all this to enhance the dark and warm colors of the hydrangea Pimpernel Classic & hydrangea Ruby ​​Red Classic.   How to Make Hydrangeas Pimpernel Classic & Red Ruby Classic Stand Out - quote  

A Playful Effect

First I attached the OASIS® Floral Foam Decorette to the gate. Then I almost covered it completely with the hydrangea. Finally, I placed the rest of the hydrangeas and the other flowers at different lengths between the first layer of flowers to get a loose and playful effect.   How to Make Hydrangeas Pimpernel Classic & Red Ruby Classic Stand Out   As a wedding & event florist, I am used to working mainly with light colors and pastel shades. But trends change with the seasons, and the darker and warm colors are very fashionable this autumn. And hydrangea Classics stay top trendy! The result was extraordinary and actually took me out of my comfort zone. But now I'm ready for the next wedding season to come!  
How to Make Hydrangeas Pimpernel Classic & Red Ruby Classic Stand Out
Hydrangea Pimpernel Classic & Ruby Red Classic

Grow As a Florist

In short: This is precisely how you learn to push your limits and grow as a florist. These impressive  Hydrangea Classics with their special autumn colors made me push my boundaries, but it was a pleasant and instructive experience. The strong flowers full of energy made it so definitely worth repeating!  
Hydrangea Pimpernel Classic and Ruby Red Classic


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