Narcissus Shouts Her Name!

Look at all these wonderful daffodils

By: REGINE MOTMANS | 08-04-2020 | 1 min read

Natalia Zhizhko

“Yellow is the color of joy and happiness!”, Natalia Zhizhko said to me once, after saying that she was going to make a yellow carousel of flowers for Christmas! But now it's not Christmas. It's spring!  
Caroussel Natalia Zhizhko - Regine Motmans on Thursd
The yellow carousel for Christmas from Natalia Zhizhko - Picture by Piet van Kampen
  She used yellow flowers for it, no daffodils, but chrysanthemum Santini.  
Smiley Natalia Zhizhko - Regine Motmans on Thursd
  And Natalia used lots of yellow Vandas. It was an amazing design that she made for Winter Moments with Flowers in Bruges a few years ago… Why are you talking about X-mas Regine?, you might ask. You are right, it’s not Christmas, it’s Easter. And for Easter, Narcissus shouts her name!

Narcissus Everywhere

Narcissus are growing in the fields now in Holland, the beautiful bulb fields! They shine brightly and make us forget that in Western countries they stand for “Vain”, that brought us the word narcism…   Daffodil field Regine Motmans - on Thursd  

Be Aware of the Fluid from the Stems

Narcissus is also known as a flower with a negative effect on other flowers, the stem gives some fluid in the water that poisons the other flowers. So you better place the Narcissus for a few hours in a separate vase, and mingle them with others after that. Liquid flower food for the water helps a lot too.     The yellow Narcissus, one of the Amaryllidaceae is such a desired flower for this holiday in normal times. it has over 30 varieties. This year, with the terrible Corona crisis the beautiful flower of the season will have a hard time getting in families' houses.   Narcis Regine Motmans Narcissus Bouquet   We will keep faith that flowers make us happier, and full of joy, especially yellow.   
Regine Motmans

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