The Beautiful Deep Color of Santini Jinda Red

A deep burgundy-colored flower can never go wrong. This is my experience using this beautiful santini chrysanthemum.

By: JAN DE KONING | 21-12-2022 | 2 min read
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Santini Jinda Red mums header on Thursd

Capturing the right feeling starts with the first idea for a flower arrangement. I think the details are important, such as: what makes a flower unique? As a flower arranger and photographer, every flower is a new experience. I capture the feeling while photographing.

Starring the Chrysanthemum Santini Jinda Red

For this arrangement using Santini Jinda Red, I was inspired by the style of the past. By using only flowers in an asymmetrical shape, you will notice that the dimensions are becoming unclear. In this case, the flowers are processed in different lengths to create more depth.


Experience working with Santini Jinda Red on Thursd


The beautiful, deep red color of Jinda Red comes into its own. The simplicity and austerity make you pause for a moment, especially in today's busy life. The arrangement is beautiful to place on a column, a fireplace, or as table decoration.

What I Like About Jinda Red

What I like about the Santini Jinda Red is that it is a sturdy variety with many blooms. The flowers can be used in many different arrangements. For example, if you cut all the flowers from the stem, you can use them in an arrangement, ultimately meaning you don't waste flower buds.


Arrangement using Santini Jinda Red on Thursd


During the holidays, the color red cannot be missed. The Jinda Red is put together at different heights to create a larger group. This is the centerpiece, which stands like a red crown in the middle of the glitz and glamour. Red is the color of love, even during the holidays we think extra about all the people around us that we love.


Christmas arrangement using Santini Jinda Red on Thursd


The Conquering Santini Jinda Red

Santini Jinda Red, for the high end of the market, has warm, burgundy red pompon blooms that rise above lush green foliage. At the Dutch auctions, this marvelous red santini came in just in time for the high-demand holiday season with buyers greeting the new Jinda Red with enthusiasm. Because what is a Christmas holiday without red flowers?


Conquering red color of Jinda Red chrysanthemum Thursd


The Uniqueness of This Mum

Wholesalers praise the cultivar’s spherical blooms and deep red color. The production of Jinda Red is in trusted hands as santini grower Richard van Schie from Monster, Netherlands has many years of experience in chrysanthemum growing. Van Schie shares:

"This new variety perfectly matches the growing market demand for quality santinis. Featuring beautifully red colors, the new variety enjoys strong demand in the run-up to the holiday season."


Santini Jinda Red gives all the holiday vibes on Thursd


Van Schie describes Santini Jinda Red as the 'rose' among santinis. What’s more, it stands out for its excellent shelf life and sturdy stems. In case you're ready to get your hands on this red beauty from breeder Floritec, it's available right now at the auctions in Rijnsburg, Naaldwijk, and Aalsmeer.


Santini Jinda Red by Floritec banner on Thursd

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Jan de Koning

I am a passionate photographer. I can continue to marvel at the things I see around me. Playing with light is my specialty. By using light in the right way you can get so much more depth in an image: that fascinates me.

I am trained as a flower arranger. I'm working hard to capture the most beautiful compositions on image. In addition, I also create my own compositions of flowers, plants, design items, or a combination thereof.

As co-owner of Bloomtube, I provide inspiration for florists. I am responsible for photography, filming step-by-step, and thinking along and realizing new concepts.



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