The 20 Best Indoor Plants for Summer 2020

Plants you just have to have

By: ARNOLD WITTKAMP | 27-05-2020 | 4 min read
Indoor Plants

Must-Have Plants

As a true plant lover, I have collected the most stunning plants I saw today for your 'Summer-2020-plants-I-just-have-to-buy-list'. Except for a few Bonsai trees, all of the plants in this list are suitable for indoor. Enjoy the 20 best plants for summer 2020!

Aglaonema Red Flame

Shine bright little plant! The Aglaonema family is getting more trendy. What normally was considered a very strong, but also a bit dull plant for offices, turns into a very trendy colored plant for any interior you can think of.  



Bowiea Volubilis

The only way of safely growing this pretty one is on a rack. Simple cut it away carefully, untwine the branch, and you'll have an amazing long 'leaf' which you can curl around any object or wall in your apartment.


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Bowiea Volubilis



Besides the well know Alocasia Calidora, aka Elephant ears, more and more trending shapes and colors are becoming available. Look at these beauties below:  


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Alocasia Lauterbachiana
Alocasia Lauterbachiana
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Alocasia Princess
Alocasia Princess
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Alocasia Zebrina (1)
Alocasia Zebrina

Hanging Plants

Look at these fantastic graphic shapes. Fits very well in any interior. From modernism to romanticism to cubism.  


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 peperomia Tetraphylla 'Hope'
Peperomia Tetraphylla 'Hope'
You can also check out more Peperomia Varieties
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Senecio Fish Hooks
Senecio Fish Hooks
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Epiphyllum Beavertail
Epiphyllum Beavertail

Asparagus Meloides

Definitely a winner for an Urban Jungle don't you think?



Novelty Plants

Many 'novelties' in the last couple of months. Or maybe I've just missed them before?


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Senecio Stapellaeformis
Mini Senecio Stapellaeformis. Say this name out loud twice, and you'll never forget.
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Sanseveria Pangolin Kisses XXXS Sanseveria Pangolin Kisses, a new production of grower Ansu
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Kalanchoe Desert Surprise
Kalanchoe Desert Surprise - where does this one comes from, wow!
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Peperomia Quito
Brown leafed Peperomia Quito
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Pachira Aquatica Money tree
Pachira Aquatica, a.k.a the Money Tree - Look at the fat little trunk!
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Euphorbia
Euphorbia something... Missed the exact name, do you know it?

Leaf Begonias

The Begonia Rex Group you might already know. This group is traditionally available in various attractive leaf colors, structures, and shapes. Nice, but not so special anymore. Are colors a bit too harsh? Think so. Happy that there are now many more Begonias that have an attractive structure and eye-catching softer colors. What do you think of these?






A returning trend. I remember at the end of the '80s and '90s, you saw them just everywhere. Time for a comeback? Looking at these beauties, I think so!


Exact name? Metasequoia! This little fellow is a kind of water cypress, can be indoors, although it needs to be in a cold room in winter.
Outdoor Acer variety.



Variegated Plants

The time for the variegated Monstera is still now, but you've probably seen them already. What do you think of these variegated leafy plants?


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Fatsia Japonica Variegata
Fatsia Japonica Variegata
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Graptophyllum Pictum
Graptophyllum Pictum

Mixed in a Pot

You see it more and more, Meuhlenbeckia plants added to another plant. Normally I'm not so fond of it. This time it is with a Lavender Angustifolia. And this combination does work for me. Even more so, as it is grown in a nice terracotta pot.




Still a trend, although it goes a couple of years back. It still works very well in the green revolution.  




Always a winner, can't miss in this list of the 20 best plants for summer 2020. Just have to tell you to visit this group on Facebook when you're a fan of this type of plants: 🌿 World of Philodendron's, Anthurium's and other Aroids🌿. Florist? You can find more interesting Facebook groups in the article 10 Facebook groups for florists you don't want to miss.



Alien Plants

Yes, these could have come from another world, now couldn't they?


Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Pilea Peperomioides
Pilea Peperomioides
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Tillandsia Laxissima
Tillandsia Laxissima
Arnolds 20 best plants of Summer 2020 Hydnophytum Papaunum
Hydnophytum Papuanum, Ant Plant! Cut it in half and you can see the ant channels! (No, not present anymore!)


And look at what I've found! Wasabi? Really? I have to tell you, I don't know.


So actually 30 plants in total, but if you don't count the groups (Alocasias, begonias, and bonsai), it's actually only just 24 best plants for summer 2020! Still, over 20 as promised above, but would you have started reading if I told you 30? See you next time, All the best, Arnold

Arnold Wittkamp

Arnold Wittkamp is a true plant & flower lover with 25 years of experience in the flower industry. He owned a flower shop for over 10 years and worked as a freelancer with top florists. He also did wholesale and import & export of cut flowers and potted plants. Now specialized in (online) marketing and communication strategies Arnold loves to write not only about beautiful flowers but also about marketing & communication strategies for horticultural companies.



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