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Lily Dalian

Lily OT Dalian has seductively and harsh fink flowers, that no flower lover can resist. This beauty exudes romance and seduction. The more they bloom, the more it becomes nearly impossible to take your eyes off them.

OT Lilium

OT Liliums, Orienpet, or Oriental Trumpet Hybrids, are the result of crossing Oriental lilies with Trumpet lilies in an effort to increase the color range of the Orientals without sacrificing the fragrance.


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Mak Breeding

Mak Breeding BV is engaged in the breeding of lilies in the broadest sense. This is limited not only to the breeding range but also extends to the lily as a pot or garden plant..

Extensive Testing

The breeding and selection take place on the farm. For this purpose, greenhouse refrigeration is available, a processing area, and a fully equipped laboratory. Mak Breeding has a fully conditioned space where the flowering of new varieties is extensively tested.

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