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Calla Odessa (Zantedeschia rehmannii violacea) is dark as a summer night, the deep purple of its bloom is nearly black. Singular and striking in a solo location, imagine it with bright red or white Oriental Lilies. Breathtaking! Calla Odessa blooms from June until frost with elegant blooms in deep purple, almost black. Sculptural and excellent as cut flowers, Calla Odessa's leaves are speckled with white. Planted in compost-enriched well-drained soil, they need regular watering until they have finished flowering. Once flowering is done, cease watering while the plant dies back. Perennial in zones 8-11, plant as annuals in colder zones or lift the bulbs, dry and store in a cool dark place where they are protected from freezing, and replant in spring when the danger of frost is past. The flower is 20-24" tall.

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