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Thursd is the online place to share floral stories about your company and products. With an unprecedented international audience, Thursd offers an effective way to showcase products, portfolio, and company. Thursd shows many connections in a transparent way. From product to breeder to grower to trader to florist to consumer.

What does Thursd offer?

Business Pages & Product Pages

Thursd shows and creates relevant stories about people and businesses in floriculture and related topics. And connects those stories to the products and companies present on the platform. When your business and products are present on Thursd, they are connected and visible throughout the platform. Thursd shows all connections between products, breeders, growers, traders, and florists. In a transparent way.

Thursd Stories, Blogger Stories & Embedded Stories

On Thursd you can find 3 types of stories. Thursd stories are written by the Thursd editors and encompass a broad spectrum of subjects. Thursd also publishes embedded stories from third parties with a link to the original source. Third, on Thursd you can find bloggers from all around the world, sharing their own (personal) stories.

Sponsored Content & Advertising

To promote your brand, product, service, or company, there many options to advertise on Thursd. Branded stories, designer blogs, or just promotional banners. With Thursd you can connect to a global audience within the flower industry. Via the Thursd website, the Thursd newsletters, the Thursd social channels, and via access to over 50 (!) groups on Facebook with many florists, growers, and people from the trade, Thursd connects you to the audiences you want.

Join a blogger

Do you want to contribute to Thursd as a Blogger? Designer Blogger, Expert Blogger, and Flower and Plant Spotter Blogger positions on Thursd's homepage are ready for bloggers who want to give insights. In return, Thursd offers an author page where you can showcase your personal brand and/or business. Interested? Get in touch!

Contribute with a corporate message

Does your company have something special to say? Do you want to promote a product? Or are you working on anything of interest for (your target group in) the Thursd audience of professionals in floriculture? Go to the Advertise Page or send your request to [email protected] to make your message heard in a powerful and effective way.

What people think of Thursd.

Thursd. benefits

✓ Show your company and products to a very large global audience of professionals

✓ Link products and companies to your business page, so people see your business

✓ Benefit from access to florists and floral designers from all around the world

✓ Be advised and receive help from the people of Thursd, to get the best out of your promotional activities

Profit from Thursd's international audiences who are highly engaged in the flower and plant world.

Thursd offers multiple ways to be present online. For floral designers and influencers with personal blogs. For businesses, Thursd offers profile pages for their company (and product pages for their products), and product placement in stories & blogs. But also plain advertisement, and complete campaigns. Via the Thursd website, the newsletters and the social channels.

What we believe

Thursd's mission is to be the leading platform for international professionals in floriculture and to become the world’s most popular and authoritative source for information. Showcasing companies, products and services to help fans decide what to watch and what to follow.

Ok, in short, this is how it works

Thursd offers multiple ways to be present online. With stories, in blogs, via advertisement and campaigns. Via the Thursd website, the newsletters and the social channels.In those stories and blogs your business and products are mentioned. Thursd creates your company page and product pages, and from there you are connected to the traders and florists. And visible as being available at flower shops all around the world.Get in touch with Thursd and discover the possibilities.

Get in touch with Thursd to discover all the possibilities

Whether you're a floral designer, an expert on a topic related to floriculture, that wants to share a story, or a business that wants to promote services and products, on Thursd there are many ways for that. Get in touch with Thursd and discover all possibilities.

New Market Introductions on Thursd

Join Thursd Facebook Group

Thursd's Facebook Group is a place to connect with international professionals in floriculture around the globe. An ideal source for information. For companies in floriculture to tell about their products and services, and to help floral fans decide what to watch and what to follow.

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