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The Flowers at the Naivasha Horticulture Fair

Naivasha Horticultural Fair Converges Flower Stakeholders for a Charitable Cause

This horticultural event brings together different players in the industry from different countries.

Sep 27 | 6 min read
Floriculture and  Sustainability

Floriculture & Sustainability: A Tale of Two Realities

It's time to amplify the evidence-backed benefits of fresh flowers and plants, which do more than just enhance spaces - they nurture the soul.

Arnold WittkampArnold Wittkamp
Sep 27 | 6 min read

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Thursd features what's hot in the industry right now

Sollinea Indian Summer Vibes square feature

Sollinea® Gives You the Indian Summer Vibes

It's the perfect time to introduce this sunny charmer into your interior.

Sep 27 | 4 min read

Begonia Halo

Begonia Halo Has the Elegance and Luxurious Touch of a Red Begonia

Here are some of the reviews of the early flowering beauty and growing tips from the breeder Koppe Begonia

Sep 27 | 3 min read



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Alexandra Farms 2023 Contest

Alexandra Farms Announces Winners of the 2023 Garden Rose Design Contest

Entries were accepted in two categories: Wedding Work and Everyday Design, and hundreds of entries were submitted by designers from around the world.

Sep 27 | 3 min read
Improve your office day

Improving Your Office Day With Plants and Flowers

Use the power of plants and flowers to immediately enhance your working environment.

Sep 27 | 6 min read

Proflora 30 years

Proflora: 30 Years as a Reference for the World Flower Industry

By exhibiting the latest trends and innovations of the flower sector, Proflora is a venue that allows the elite of the international flower market to establish fruitful relationships that favor their business endeavors.

Sep 27 | 4 min read
Eurofleurs 2023 Hanneke Frankema

Hanneke Frankema at Eurofleurs 2023: Cymbidium Is a Mysterious, Raw Diamond

A short interview with the current European Florist Champion, Hanneke Frankema, who recently appeared as a guest at the European Championships for Young Florists – Eurofleurs 2023 in Slovenia.

Sep 27 | 2 min read



Story of the Week

The undeniable power and force of plants to the human life.

Is the Role ​of Plants Important in Urban Development?

Nature and Urbanization Dilemma - Rethinking the Role of Plants in Urban Development

The inherent importance of trees, plants, and greenery in urban development cannot be overstated.

Sep 27 | 9 min read

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Le Printemps Palladien design with Napoleon on Thursd

'Le Printemps Palladien', the Festival for the Love of Flowers

Renowned French designer Gaétan Jacquet announces a celebration of floral art on Syam Castle in the picturesque and lush Jura valley.

Sep 27 | 7 min read
Are Plants and Flowers Ideal During Meditation

Do Plants and Flowers Help You Meditate Better?

Their presence encourages a serene atmosphere that is conducive to the relaxation required for this practice.

Sep 27 | 11 min read
International Podcast Day

Celebrate Floral and Planty Conversations on International Podcast Day

Here are the most intriguing conversations about Plants and Flowers to listen to.

Sep 27 | 8 min read



The Whole Flower Industry Together

Great stories from the industry on Thursd.

New Bloom Solutions at Proflora

An Exciting Proflora International Flower Show 2023

Where innovation blossoms with flower industry consultants and The Bloom Show

Sahid NahimSahid Nahim
Sep 27 | 4 min read
Stadsland Breeder of Celosia and Campanula Featured

Visiting Stadsland - Breeder of Celosia and Campanula Varieties

Seasonal growers who share the same passion and dare to think differently are highly satisfied with the seeds and services from this breeder, which fosters a sense of partnership.

Peter van DelftPeter van Delft
Sep 27 | 3 min read



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The Floral stories that matter you'll find on Thursd.

Top 10 Roses De Ruiter

"Our Top 10 Rose Varieties Kenya Versus Ecuador"

De Ruiter has offices in both countries, but popularity and productivity can vary and so they present their best roses of both sides of the world.

Sep 27 | 9 min read


Thursd's Podcast Tip  -  Nikki Bartley

Thursd's Podcast Tip - Nikki Bartley

Thursd's Podcast Tip  -  Nikki Bartley

The Flower Podcast by Scott Shepherd

Creating a Special Place with Flowers: Nikki Bartley of Cross Street Flower Farm. 🎧 Nikki started flower farming on a small plot in her front yard in 2015, selling mason jars arrangements to friends and neighbors. Cross Street Flower Farm is now a 7-acre cut flower farm retail operation with over 900 CSA members, a retail Barn Shop and Cut Your Own Bouquet events from April to October.


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Outdoor Livin'

Botanical Gardens in Manchester

Greenery and Aesthetics of Botanical Gardens in the City of Manchester

Lush greenery and botanical gardens, aesthetic focal points for the city of Manchester

Sep 27 | 4 min read
Ecological Architect Vincent Callebaut's Design ​of the Greenhouse

A Green Project That Will Have Users Revel in Nature and Sustainability Elements

Belgian ecological architect, Vincent Callebaut's project creates a space that is perfect to live and have fun in the heart of lush nature.

Sep 27 | 8 min read



Green, Greener, Greenest

Are you seeing green already? The best houseplant stories are here, on Thursd.

​Plants Considered Lucky for Your Home According to Vastu Shastra

Seven Plants Considered Lucky for Your Home According to Vastu Shastra

Ancient Indian architectural science seeks to align the energies of our living spaces with celestial forces and the natural world.

Sep 27 | 9 min read


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Flowers have played a significant role in human beliefs, health, and wellness throughout history.


Floriculture's Finest Featured on Thursd.

This week's stories

​​Sian​ Flowers' Curated Bouquets​ for the Autumn Season

Sian Bedazzles With Its Curated Bouquets Fit for the Fall Season

The flower grower has a curated array of bouquets just right for the fall season.

Sep 27 | 6 min read
United Selections

Colorful Selections From United Selections at Interflora World Cup

These roses definitely did not miss the spotlight in Manchester.

Sep 20 | 4 min read
Kapiteyn Interview Grower Support feature on Thursd

Invaluable Advice for Calla Growers

Kapiteyn's Grower Support team shares its knowledge with his customers around the world.

Sep 27 | 9 min read





From the Archives on Thursd.

Stories about the flowery and planty world.

Queen of the night blooming

Eight Flowers That Bloom at Night While Glowing Under the Moon

These endearing varieties provide some midnight magic!

Sep 06 | 5 min read
First flower in history square feature

The First Flower in the History of Earth

This is what flowers would have looked like 140 million years ago; presumably somewhat like a magnolia.

Oct 04 | 3 min read
Cappuccino Rose Florist Favorite square feature

Is the Cappuccino Rose This Season's Florist Favorite?

With some shades of beige, mauve, brown, terracotta, and even a tinge of raspberry pink, this rose has a lot to offer when it comes to color schemes.

Oct 06 | 2 min read

12 Flowers in Earthy Hues You Will Love square feature

12 Flowers in Earthy Hues You Will Love

These varieties perfectly fit the Scorched Earth floral color trend.

Nov 25 | 6 min read
Shota Suzuki botanical creations square feature

Shota Suzuki's Botanical Creations Crafted From Nature

Bringing nature and metal together in one design.

Jan 15 | 2 min read
Bella Kotak Fairytale World square feature

Bella Kotak Immerses You in a Fairytale World of Flowers

Her storytelling pictures lift the veil of the overlooked and remind us that there's magic in the most ordinary of spaces and beauty in every face.

May 18 | 2 min read



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