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Alina Gross flowers featured

Alina Gross Creates Flower Fashion Through Artificial Intelligence

This AI-powered masterpiece not only showcases Alina's artistic prowess but also highlights the endless possibilities when technology and nature intertwine.

Jun 07 | 3 min read Floral ArtHow It Works
national weed your garden day

It’s Almost National Weed Your Garden Day! Your Plants Will Thank You

Weeding your plants may not be the most glamorous part of gardening, but it is an essential task that can actually be quite beautiful.

Jun 07 | 7 min read Special Days



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Stephan Winzer with Rose Diya's Fire

Rose Diya's Fire - Igniting Passion and Blazing a Trail of Beauty

Decofresh invites you to live a burning hot experience along the newest Rose Diya's Fire.

Jun 07 | 5 min read Floral DesignsRoses



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The FleuroStar Competition 2023

The FleuroStar Competition 2023

Whichever variety takes home the coveted title this year, flower lovers everywhere will undoubtedly enjoy the 'Wow Factor'.

Jun 07 | 4 min read

myThursd is Your Online Floral Meetup Spot

myThursd is a new & groundbreaking platform connecting growers, breeders, wholesalers, and suppliers, to floral designers, photographers, influencers, and more.

Regine MotmansRegine Motmans
May 31 | 3 min read

National Red Rose Day

National Red Rose Day - Celebrate the Timeless Beauty of the Queen of Flowers

With its alluring looks, charming form, pleasant smell, and the fact that it is easy to take care of, the rose is definitely the queen of flowers

Jun 07 | 10 min read
Nick Cave’s Enigmatic Forothermore Art Creations Defy Boundaries

Forothermore Explores the Multifaceted Artistry of Nick Cave

Forothermore beckons visitors to step into a world where boundaries between artist and audience blur. It puts into play the elements of performance, fashion, and sculpture, and, as indicated, blurs the lines between art and audience. 

Jun 08 | 6 min read

Story of the Week

The undeniable power of plants and flowers enhances your overall well-being.

Inírida Flower Flourishes

How the Rare Inírida Flower is Changing Lives in Colombia

The Inírida flower flourishes in the shadow of the Cerros de Mavecure, one of the world's oldest rock formations and a biodiversity hotspot.

Jun 07 | 4 min read FlowersRemarkable



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Flowers for Father's Day

What Are the Best Flowers to Gift This Father’s Day?

Blooming love and gratitude, celebrating fathers with nature's colorful gifts. Get Father's Day ready with these amazing options!

Jun 07 | 7 min read FlowersSpecial Days
Gio Swaby Explores Resilience in Adversity Through Her Art

Gio Swaby Explores Resilience in Adversity Through Her ‘I Will Blossom Anyway’ Artworks

Swaby's art is a reminder that, like flowers breaking through concrete, we too can find the strength to bloom and flourish, regardless of the challenges we face.

Jun 07 | 8 min read Floral ArtRemarkable
9 summer flowers featured

9 Classic Summer Flowers: Summer Flowers for Planting And to Pot

Your flowery ingredients for a bouquet full of sunshine

Jun 07 | 9 min read Garden Plants

Florist Spotlight on Thursd.

These are the main highlights you want to know about Nikki Tibbles




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gift of flowers

Everything is Energy

Flowers are not just decorations. They are healing, intelligent, and medicinal. Discover how flowers bring spiritual harmony and balance on a visual and physical level.

Lucinda MariaLucinda Maria
Jun 07 | 4 min read
Céline van den Berghe Könst Alstroemeria blog on Thursd square feature

A Triple Surprise With Alstroemerias

I processed the Alstroemeria Prestige and Florinca Pink Paradiso in a surprisingly different way each time.

Céline Van den BergheCéline Van den Berghe
Jun 07 | 4 min read

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Stephania Erecta care wide feature

How to Care for and How to Grow the Stephania Erecta Plant

One of the hottest trends at the moment, a real collector's item for plant lovers: the rare Caudex Stephania Erecta.

Jun 07 | 10 min read Indoor PlantsRemarkable


Thursd's Podcast Tip

Thursd's Podcast Tip

Thursd's Podcast Tip

Join the brilliant Amanda Luu from Studio Mondine

Studio Mondine's Amanda Luu: Having a Conversation with Nature 🎧 Amanda Luu is the founder of Studio Mondine and floral educator specializing in Japanese ikebana and the influence of western floral design. As a design studio with a diversity of experiences in hospitality, fine art, production, and fabrication, she endeavors to surprise, delight, and invite you into the splendor of the natural world.


Green, Greener, Greenest

All about houseplants.

Thai Basil wide feature

Thai Basil Is a Symphony of Nature’s Own Flavor and Beauty

From its distinctive aroma to its striking appearance and bold flavors, Thai basil is a plant that has all the qualities that make it a must-have for any lover of flowers and garden plants.

Jun 07 | 8 min read Garden PlantsOutdoor Plants

Caudex wide feature

Caudex Wonders - Exploring the Fascinating World of Caudex Plants

These botanical marvels, with their enchanting swollen stems or caudices, have sparked a fervor among collectors and gardeners alike.

Jun 07 | 9 min read Indoor Plants




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How Plantec Represents Breeders in Ecuador feature on Thursd

How Plantec Represents Breeders in Ecuador

Challenging the rose industry with innovation. An interview with New Product Manager Aviram Krell about a role that stretches far beyond sales.

Jun 07 | 6 min read InterviewsRoses
join Thursd/

Join Thursd as a Blogger

Awaken your blogger within and take a leap into a floral and planty universe filled with possibilities!

May 31 | 3 min read How It Works
Edge Fanzine

EDGE Fanzine Features Weddings With EMC Designers From All Over the World

This third edition wants to show weddings with the uniqueness of each culture, tradition, individuality and more.

Jun 07 | 5 min read Wedding Flowers



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Water photos featured on Thursd

Water Photos by Robert Peek Reveal Mystical Flower Bouquets

The divine intertwinement between two essential natural resources- water and flowers. If you love seeing art expressed through photography, you're going to love this one.

Sep 22 | 2 min read FlowersPhotography

Father’s Day: 5 Tips for What To Give Dad

What do men want... for Father's Day?

Jun 17 | 2 min read
Expensive Houseplants - plantkween - on Thursd.

Are Expensive Houseplants the New Interior Design Objects?

Anything that deviates from the classic small green leaf plant is in high demand.

Mar 13 | 6 min read Indoor Plants


Summer Flowers in Tuscany

My Italian holiday with the most stunning flowers

Katya HutterKatya Hutter
Jul 29 | 7 min read
Dead plant's leaves close up on Thursd

How to Revive a Dead Plant Using 8 Simple Tips - Approved by Gardening Experts

Don't give up on your plant yet! Follow these amazing tricks to promote healthier, longer-living plants.

Sep 01 | 5 min read Indoor Plants
Alstroemeria Fashionista Pink by Black Tulip Flowers

Fashionista - The New Alstroemeria and Its Meaning

This stunning garden alstroemeria is genuinely something special.

Feb 08 | 5 min read Flowers



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