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Protea Is Natures Ancient Beauty square feature on Thursd

Protea Is Nature's Ancient Beauty

This is all you ever wanted and needed to know about these splendid prehistoric flowers.

Nov 29 | 13 min read
​Flower Shops That Depict Qatar's Unique Floral Experience

10 Flower Shops to Experience Qatar's Unique Floral Scene

Flower shops in the Arabian country are not just places of commerce but also true sensual experiences.

Nov 29 | 14 min read

Now on the Markets

Novelties, specialties, or just back in season - Thursd shows you what's hot

​Marginpar's Sanguisorba Red Dream Bred by Jan Star of Blessed Dream (BD) Flowers

Sanguisorba Red Dream Is the Perfect Matchmaker in Floral Bouquets

In this flower, breeder Jan Star has created one of Marginpar's most uniquely fascinating flowers.

Nov 29 | 6 min read



Planty & Flowery News on Thursd.

What's happening in floriculture this week?

December Birth Month Flowers

What Are The December Birth Month Flowers?

Narcissus and Holly: Winter's dynamic duo, adding elegance and festive charm.

Nov 29 | 9 min read
Marco van der Goes from HouwerPlant

How HouwenPlant Became Frontrunner in CO2 Reduction

"Our mission is to improve our business, help the planet, and let people feel unapologetically happy again with horticultural products."

Nov 29 | 7 min read



Story of the Week

The undeniable beauty of flowers.

Floral Still Life

Flowers Meet Photography in a Series of Still Lifes

Photographic artist Bas Andries and floral designer Anton van Duijn collaborate to create a year-round impression of all floral seasons.

Nov 29 | 5 min read

Thursd Floral Trend Color 2024

Start new and fresh everyday. With an open mind and creative mindset.

Mystic Flowers floral design

Prominent White With Pops of Orange and Blue by Mystic Flowers

In this playful design, neutral white roses meet other colorful blooms to create perfection.

Nov 29 | 3 min read
De Ruiter Big White Five 2023

The Big Five White Roses From De Ruiter

Feeling like you need a dose of white roses? This breeder has got your back with its collection of pristine beauty.

Nov 29 | 5 min read
Bright White and Sky-Blue Flowers

Elegant Combinations With Sky Blue and Bright White Flowers for Every Occasion

Bring your creativity to live with Thursd Floral Trend Color 2024, where purity and positive sentiments takes center stage.

Nov 29 | 4 min read

10 Questions to...

Inspiration and advice from those who flourished in blooms.

Albert Tranquilino

10 Questions to Albert Tranquilino, Founder of Darcey Flowers

"Through hard work and dedication, I turned that dream into a reality by building Darcey Flowers."

Nov 29 | 7 min read

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Everyday Is a Thursd.Day

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Floral Marketing

Floral Marketing 101 - Five Strategies for Your Business

Consumer pain points and preferences are volatile, your approach to attracting them should adapt to these changes consistently.

Nov 29 | 7 min read
Fernando Laposse and Perrier-Jouët Create Nature-Inspired Floral Installation

Fernando Laposse and Perrier-Jouët Collaborate in a Nature-Inspired Floral Installation

The two parties have a shared admiration for art, and nature and a firm commitment to celebrating the beauty of flowers.

Nov 29 | 5 min read
Nature’s Picturesque Beauty Showcased Through These Beautiful Tree Tunnels

Ethereal Nature Showcased in 10 of the Most Picturesque Tree Tunnels

Stunning nature marvels, formed by rows of trees interlacing their branches, worth experiencing.

Nov 29 | 11 min read



Florist Special on Thursd.

Learn more about the featured florist of the week.


The Whole Flower Industry Together

Great stories from industry bloggers on Thursd.

Anick Mertens Bredefleur

These Impressive & Beautiful Lilies Give Your Party Table an Extra Dimension!

For my designs, I chose a natural bouquet & table flowers in warm earth tones.

Annick MertensAnnick Mertens
Nov 29 | 2 min read
Ichtus Flowers

A Visit to Ichtus Flowers to See the Best Cut Phalaenopsis

A pioneer in growing cut Phalaenopsis, boasting 16 varieties year-round.

Peter van DelftPeter van Delft
Nov 29 | 3 min read



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Jan Spek Rozen Mont Royal wide feature on Thursd

This Is the Elegant and High-Productive Rose Mont Royal

A fitting name from the ranks of Jan Spek Rozen, a breeder that bears the royal title 'Purveyor to the Court'.

Nov 29 | 4 min read


Thursd's Podcast Tip

Thursd's Podcast Tip

Thursd's Podcast Tip

Lane DeVries of Sun Valley Floral Farms

Growing Ilex for Florists With Lane DeVries A fourth generation grower, Lane DeVries was born in the Netherlands to a family with a long tradition of growing flowers. He received his degree in Horticulture in Holland and in 1983 he immigrated to the US to explore the flower industry in America. Mr. DeVries came to Arcata, California after securing a job at Sun Valley. Here, he built the first Dutch Glass greenhouse to produce lilies and tulips year round. 🎧



Green, Greener, Greenest

Are you seeing green already? The best plant stories are here, on Thursd.

Big leaf houseplants

The 6 Big Leaf Houseplants, Inviting Nature's Lushness Indoors

A space with plants is a good space, greenery adds tranquility and beauty into it, creating an inviting and inspiring ambiance.

Nov 29 | 7 min read

The Siam, a place where abundant greenery thrives amid Art Deco and rich Thai aesthetics

The Siam Merges Verdant Greenery With Art Deco and Rich Thai Aesthetics

The design of the hotel is stunning, the location next to the river is breathtaking and the service is truly attentive.

Nov 29 | 7 min read


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This week's stories

Pot mums for Xmas

3 Ways to Elevate Your Christmas Table Decor With Pot Mums

Nothing more emblematic for the holidays than a striking-looking table with your favorite pot plants present.

Nov 29 | 4 min read
Orange Calla Plants

How ThinkPlants Links Captain Calla Plants to the Markets in North America

An interview with director Joey Wiseman about the strong and steady relationship with Dutch breeder Kapiteyn.

Nov 29 | 6 min read
Marginpar farm

Marginpar's Journey to Sustainability - Part 2

Support the biological life in the soil.

Ronald BoschRonald Bosch
Nov 22 | 4 min read





From the Archives on Thursd.

Stories about the flowery and planty world.

Wedding trends 2024

Sky Blue and Bright White Wedding Trends for 2024

Have you already discovered Thursd's Floral Trend Colors for 2024? If not take a sneak peek here, plus get some wedding inspo!

Nov 22 | 6 min read
Sky blue hydrangea flowers

Symbolism of Sky Blue Flowers - Capturing Tranquility and Serenity

Have you checked out one of the flower trend colors for 2024? If not, don't miss out and find out here.

Nov 22 | 6 min read
Healthy Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

Fresh and Healthy Bathing Spaces: Ten Bathroom Plants That Absorb Moisture

Different plants not only add a touch of greenery but also promote a fresher and healthier atmosphere in the bathroom.

Nov 15 | 8 min read

Best Christmas Markets Around the World feature

These Are the Best Christmas Markets Around the World

There's nothing like a snowy Christmas market to get even the grinchiest among us in the holiday spirit.

Dec 21 | 5 min read
Callas for Christmas decor square feature on Thursd

Callas for Christmas - The Merriest Flower Treat

When in doubt for this season's decor, use red and white calla. They will surely make any space look charming, refined, and stylish.

Dec 07 | 4 min read
Owners of Native Poppy

Florist Special With Natalie Gill

At Native Poppy, they craft every flower arrangement and flower wrap with artistry and precision, but that’s just the beginning of their team’s creativity.

Jul 19 | 5 min read



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