12 Common Mistakes for Writing an Essay

Here are 12 tips for writing an essay.

By: THURSD | 15-07-2022 | 7 min read
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What do you think would be an impression of the quality of your plant essay if a professor or instructor found a glaring or typo mistake? Ideally, it can be one of the contributory factors for you failing to meet the pass mark or being among the best students in your course or class. 

What are the most common writing mistakes to avoid at all costs?

Although you can never be perfect in writing your assignments or plant essays, this article provides a list of writing mistakes you should avoid in your school life. Also, Paper writer service - is a great tool to explain all the subtleties of writing an essay and what mistakes to avoid when writing an essay. Definitely worth a try.

Opting for wordiness to meet word count in your plant essays

Have you ever found yourself unable to complete a long plant essay? Writing a 10-page term plant essay like a professional essay writer might be challenging compared to a 150 discussion post or reply to your peer’s posts. In this case, you can decide to substitute short words with phrasal verbs or long phrases. Notable examples include:

Subject-verb disagreement mistakes

The verb that defines the subject (nouns and pronouns) must agree with each other in number. Ideally, you should ensure that if your subject is singular, your verb is singular, and vice versa.

An example of a sentence without subject-verb disagreement:

An example of a sentence with subject-disagreement:

Omitting sentence fragments

Do you know you can write a sentence with more than 30 words but it fails to make sense? Usually, the reason for this incorrect sentence composition in academic writing is omitting a subject or verb. Examples of sentence fragments include:

Misusing the apostrophe with it 

Considering that formal writing discourages the inclusion of short-form words, once you understand that “it’s) is a short form of “it is,” you will never have a problem completing your plant essays. The following illustrations will make you understand:

Using “comprise of” is one of the common mistakes in writing

If you really want people to recognize your writing or speaking as modern, avoid using “comprise of” at all costs. So what should you do to avoid this mistake? An effortless and straightforward way is acknowledging comprise as the synonym of contain.

These examples will make you understand clearly:

Wrong word usage

Have you ever thought that some phrases or words might distort the meaning of your sentences or change the meaning? Such consequences might lead to you losing some crucial points or scores in your plant essays in school. Before using some words, ensure you understand their meaning and spelling. 

Let us take a look at words with more than one meaning that you should consider avoiding:

You can also confuse words with the same pronunciation but with different meanings and spelling in your writing. Take a look at the following examples:

Not requesting top writers to complete your plant essay

Have you ever completed a plant essay with a short deadline without grammar or formatting mistakes? Usually, it is impossible because of anxiety, tiredness, or other factors. Considering you might never score highly in your assignment if it has writing mistakes, you should order custom plant essays from an essay writing service. A team of professional academic writers will complete your plant essays from scratch without subject-verb disagreement and mixed construction, but with sentences developed in parallel form. For convenience and high scores, enjoy plant essay help via their website.

Interchanging the use of effect and affect in a sentence

Although the two might have the same meaning, you should understand that one of them is a verb and another is a noun. In particular, affect is a verb, whereas effect is a noun. 

These examples will make you understand the differences: 

Incorrect use of follow-up and follow-up in a sentence

In most instances, you might think that separating some words with a hyphen hardly changes the meaning. Usually, this might never be the case in some situations. Therefore, you should be careful to ensure your assignment lacks this error, which is one of the most common grammar mistakes in writing.

Let us take a look at these two sentences:

Writing sentences without parallelism

Even though the best way to write your plant essay is in the simple present tense, you might find yourself writing in other tenses to meet instruction requirements. In this case, you must ensure that the tenses and form of your sentence agree. 

An example of a sentence lacking parallelism:

An example of parallelism:

Run-on sentences mistakes

This is one of the common mistakes in writing plant essays caused by a lack of punctuation to connect independent clauses.

An example of a sentence with run-on mistakes:

A sentence without run-off mistakes:

Using “empty” and informal transitions

One of the common writing mistakes at a higher academic level is using the following phrases:

Considering that it is challenging to avoid this entire mistake in writing your plant essay, especially if you have a part-time job or other family responsibility, recommends hiring a top writer.

Writing about Plants: Unexpected Mistakes to Pay Attention To

Such an easy topic can still be written with mistakes. You think creative writing about plants, trees, etc. is that easy? Well, make yourself comfortable and proceed with reading. So, what can go wrong with a descriptive, informative essay? - Spelling! With the rise of ChatGPT and similar AI technologies, ensuring the authenticity of your essay content has never been more crucial. Now, students and professionals alike can quickly identify AI-generated text in their writing to maintain integrity and originality by utilizing an effective ai detector



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