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Rose Glamour Select A beautiful and sparkling cerise addition to both your patio and your garden.
Nov 29 | 1 min read
Lily Santander A bright white lily with lance-shaped leaves and fragrant white funnel-shaped flowers.
Nov 29 | 1 min read
Rose Albatros An excellent and timeless choice for many events.
Nov 28 | 1 min read
Chrysanthemum Alpine Time A new and improved white daisy pot mum
Nov 28 | 1 min read
Rose Juliet A classic shapely form and full cupped heart.
Nov 27 | 1 min read
Phalaenopsis Bellina Extracted from the Latin 'bellus' (beautiful) hence its nickname 'The Beautiful Phalaenopsisis'.
Nov 27 | 1 min read
Phalaenopsis Bellina Blooming for three to four months.
Nov 27 | 1 min read
Lily Carbonero A beautiful, deep pink oriental trumpet (OT) lily that you can enjoy for a long time.
Oct 30 | 1 min read
Leucospermum Ayoba® Pink Nutans with a very exciting pink color, one you don't see very often with pincushion flowers.
Oct 29 | 1 min read
Protea Ayoba Arctic Ice An amazing centerpiece in any lush floral artwork.
Oct 29 | 1 min read
Princettia® Hot Pink Introducing the gorgeous Princettia® Hot Pink! This stunning flower is a true treat for flower lovers. With its vibrant and eye-catching hot pink color, it is sure to add a pop of joy to any space. Whether you're looking to brighten up your home or send a heartfelt gift, the Princettia® Hot Pink is the perfect choice. Its long-lasting blooms and delicate petals will bring beauty and happiness for weeks on end. Don't miss out on this exceptional flower!
Oct 27 | 5 min read
Princettia® Dark Pink Introducing the stunning Princettia® Dark Pink, a flower that will surely brighten up any space. With its vibrant dark pink petals, this beautiful variety is a favorite among flower lovers. Its compact size and long-lasting blooms make it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color to your garden or want to delight someone with a thoughtful gift, Princettia® Dark Pink is the answer.
Oct 27 | 4 min read

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