Lipstick Plant Mona Lisa - a striking houseplant
The Complete Lipstick Plant Grow and Care Guide All about this striking perennial with its tubular red flowers that is botanically known as Aeschynanthus radicans.
Pink car made with AI
Thierry Lechanteur at the Intersection of Photography and Artificial Intelligence Who wouldn't want to actually live in a world where these photos exist? Check out this artist's AI designs, combining colors, figures, shapes, and florals!
Floral Art How It Works
Jul 24 | 3 min read
The Alluring and Easy-To-Grow Calathea Rattlesnake Plant
Rattlesnake Plant Is a Striking Houseplant With an Exotic Appeal A tropical houseplant that brings the much-needed beauty and distinction to your indoor jungle.
Garden Plants Indoor Plants
Jul 24 | 11 min read
Radhika Merchant
Radhika Merchant’s Floral Dupatta Was Made With 90 Marigold Flowers and Jasminebuds Being the most talked about wedding in the world at the moment, the bride used flowers to add romance to her Anamika Khanna gown for her haldi ceremony.
Trending Wedding Flowers
Jul 24 | 4 min read
Arrive Alive Eco
Arrive Alive® Eco – The Sustainable Solution for Conditioning During Transport An eco-friendly flower wrap to keep flowers hydrated on their way to your customer..
The Artistic Floral Cinematics of Photographer Gregory Crewdson
Cinematic Floral Art of Photographer Gregory Crewdson The small-town settings of his images are broadly familiar, so he carefully avoids signifiers of identifiable sites, establishing a world outside time.
Floral Art Photography
Jul 24 | 5 min read
10 Questions to
10 Questions to Alex Frost, Founder and C.E.O of HyperVend "The biggest threat to the floral industry is the tendency to do things the same way they have always been done."
Jul 24 | 11 min read
Retro Houseplants
Go Back to the Green Sixties With These Retro Houseplants The 1960s were filled with greens. It's time to bring back the antique charm of this bygone era.
Indoor Plants Trending
Jul 24 | 10 min read
Future Flowers the Dutch Calla Lily Specialist
Visiting Future Flowers - The Dutch Calla Lily Specialist So many varieties with unique characteristic making them very popular to use in different arrangements.
Cut Flowers Flowers
Jul 24 | 5 min read
Alexandra Scholtz
Florist Special With Alexandra Scholtz Owner of WildFlora, Alexandra has been surrounded by the beauty of flowers and spirit of entrepreneurship since she was a young girl.
Floral Designs Flowers
Jul 24 | 4 min read
Bee on a snflower
Celebration and Education Go Hand in Hand at World Honey Bee Day Help your buzzing buddies on the 3rd Saturday of August to be the best pollinators on this planet.
Special Days
Jul 24 | 7 min read
Peter van Delft Stadsland
My Secret Visit to Breeder Stadsland Psst... I snuck in to see their new double Campanulas!
Cut Flowers Novelties
Jul 24 | 3 min read

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