32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

How to match these with your floral art?

By: THURSD. | 07-04-2021 | 9 min read

What!? 32 trends?! Well, yeah. Why not? As we learn more and more, people are individualistic, yet group animals. They are more and more creative and like to combine the best of many worlds and make it their own. So, especially this period of off- and on lockdowns triggers us to look at "how a home is our house?" So, 32 trends for your reading and viewing pleasure, and simultaneously a large source of inspiration for florists to think about how these trends match with their own floral works of art.

Trends Come and Go

Trends come and go, in decoration as in fashion. Some are timeless and timeless. Others are more linked to an era. In this list, we have grouped the 2021 decoration trends which according to our research will be the most popular this year. In order to gather these trends, we consulted specialized publications, style offices, data from Pinterest, and various sites in the field of interior decoration.

1. Vintage & Curvy Furniture

In 2021, the decor trend is curved furniture with rounded shapes, vintage inspiration, and Art Deco. A strong new interior decoration trend for 2021, is inspired by Art Deco style and the world of vintage. Within that style, the furniture trend is curved and enveloping. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

2. Natural Materials

Natural materials continue to be very trendy in interior design for 2021. Nothing new about this trend? Natural materials like rattan are still very popular for 2021. However, we can expect to see them appear in a new way in interior design. These materials strengthen the relationship between man and nature. And add a touch of glamour to your interior, like the Emmanuelle rattan armchair. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

3. The New Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is reinventing itself! In 2021, the trend is for renewal; the Nordic minimalist decoration is gradually disappearing. The revival of the Scandinavian style is a decorative trend that is progressing for next year. The Scandinavian style is less and less minimalist and refined. In 2021, the new Nordic style brings out natural textures, materials, and colors. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

4. The Afro Decor Trend

The Afro Decor trend will be more and more present in 2021, through patterns, materials, and colors. The major decoration brands will be inspired by it for the 2021 collections. The Juju Hat is trendy to dress up the walls with. Originally, Juju Hats are ceremonial crowns of great cultural significance to the Bamileke people of Cameroon. In 2019, IKEA even launched the limited edition ÖVERALLT decorative collection entirely dedicated to Africa. We can, therefore, expect new designer collections inspired by Africa, with capsule collections made with local designers. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

5. Soft Colors

In terms of color, 2021 marks the trend for soft shades and caramel or coffee tones. On the paint side, we are finding that cream and caramel colors with soft hues are going to be on the rise. These trendy colors mix and combine to create cozy and cocooning spaces. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

6. Maximalist Furniture

Maximalism continues its momentum to become a flagship decor trend in 2021. Rounded curves and surprisingly strong bold colors as well as shaped furniture form a maximalist decor style in the living room. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

7. Shades of Yellow

Mustard yellow and “rich” yellows will be trendy colors in 2021 for decorating. From vitamin yellow to mustard yellow to lemon yellow, all shades of yellow are trendy for decorating in 2021. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

8. Japanese Burnt Wood

Japanese burnt wood (Yakisugi): a decoration trend that emerges for the year 2021. The Yakisugi, or the Japanese burnt wood technique, will be very trendy in 2021. For the exterior of the house, the use of blackened wood on the siding is going to be on the rise. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

9. The Hunter Green

Hunter green is an intense trendy color but can be easily integrated into different rooms in the house for decorating. That trendy green color is inspired by the popularity of plants and nature in our interiors. But among all the shades available, hunter green will certainly be the trendy color for 2021. Relatively neutral, it fits easily into different types of interiors. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

10. Bright Colors

Bright colors and “flashy” colors with decorative buttons mark is definitely a trend for 2021. The pastel gradually fades to make way for bright and daring colors! A daring decorative trend is to integrate the soft painting colors with touches of flashy and bright colors. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

11. The Iridescent Decoration

Decorative objects, accessories, and iridescent furniture: a surprising decorative trend for 2021. Iridescent reflections are increasingly available on small decor and furniture, but also on festive objects (Christmas decorations, birthdays, etc.). 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

12. Wall Weaving

A trendy wall decoration that is going to be on the rise is wall weaving. It’s a great way to revamp a space by bringing character to its interior. Still and always! Wall weaving will certainly reach the peak of its popularity in 2021. Hung woven curtains, macramé wall hangings, hand-woven tapestries, and the like are going to see a great demand this coming season. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

13. Paper Lights

In 2021, the trend for lighting will be Chinese and Japanese-inspired paper lamps. Paper lamps of Japanese or Chinese inspiration will bring a light and poetic atmosphere in the living room or in the bedroom in 2021. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

14. Chinoiserie Wallpaper

A great decorative trend in 2021: the wallpaper is inspired by the motifs of Chinese art. The return of panoramic and XXL wallpaper as a decorative trend for 2021 is accompanied by motifs inspired by Chinese art. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

15. The Floors (Re)painted

Transforming the look of a room with (re) painted floors: a decorative trend that will become more important in 2021. This is one of the decorative trends spotted by Pinterest. Repainting the floors transforms spaces with colorful touches and original patterns. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

16. The Return of “Almost” White

White is back as a decoration trend in 2021, but with cozy and cocooning nuances. Between wall decoration and painting, white tends to disappear. However in 2021, white is returning strongly with its many shades and hues, especially on furniture. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

17. Multi-Functional Furniture

A multi-functional, practical, and stylish lamp that replaces a bedside table, also serves to charge the phone and, of course, lights up for reading in bed. Multi-functional furniture is going to be a strong trend for 2021. In 2021, furniture is going to be both stylish and multi-functional. Furniture manufacturers are going to offer space-saving furniture with decorative and practical accessories, thus adapting to new lifestyles and small urban spaces. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

18. Large Format Tiles

In 2021, XXL large format tiles will be more trendy than ever. Even if we still really like metro tiles for a credenza or for the bathroom, in 2021, the trend is for large format tiles. In the living room but also in the bathroom. To create a spa atmosphere, the same format of tiling on the floor and walls are used. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

19. Artisan Decoration

Unique designer items: a decorative trend that highlights craftsmanship, handmade, and know-how. A decorative trend that invites itself into our interiors in 2021, especially through dishes and textiles. We now want unique pieces, handcrafted and handmade by creators. We use these pieces to receive, but also as decorative items to showcase on an open wall shelf, in a display case, or buffet. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

20. The Mix of Trends

What if the 2021 decor trend was ultimately a mix of different trends, without following codes? Here at Home Decor Help, we think that the most interesting trend is the mix of styles, shapes, colors… breaking the codes of traditional trends! Rule? There is none left. As in fashion, we dare the high and low to find the decorative atmosphere that we really like. A small, inexpensive, or recycled decoration with designer furniture. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

21. Vintage & Retro

The return of vintage and retro as a decoration trend in 2021. Vintage and retro, but only by touches, with small accessories or furniture that you take the time to hunt around on online flea market sites like for example. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

22. Navy or Navy Blue

Navy blue is a trendy color for interior design in 2021. In particular thanks to Pantone Color Institute which offers Classic Blue as the color of the year 2021. The good news, this trendy color is relatively simple to adopt whatever your interior style. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

23. Modern Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper, in its modern version, is trendy for decorating in 2021. Even if wallpaper with floral patterns has been present in the decor for years, 2021 will certainly bring it in a more modern and contemporary touch. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

24. The Artistic Decoration of the Kitchen

A trendy kitchen in 2021 highlights art and decoration with character. Room only functional? The trendy kitchen in 2021 adopts a more sophisticated decoration than in previous years. We take advantage of the open shelves to place objects of character. We take advantage of the free walls to hang paintings or art. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

25. Sofas with Curves

The trendy sofa in 2021 adopts curves. A return to the 60s for the decoration and layout of the living room. The curved sofa is more trendy than ever in 2021, in its velvet version, it is also ultra-chic. Find out what the trendy sofa of the moment looks like. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

26. The Return of the 80s Colors

The return of the 80s style colors as a decoration trend for 2021 A flashback of the 80s through the decoration, especially with the color. The chartreuse green, for example, will be more and more trendy. It is found on decorative objects such as vases or dishes. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

27. Lightwood from floor to ceiling

Scandinavian cabin style light wood is a decorative trend that will be present in 2021 from floor to ceiling. It is also found on the walls. The light wood that we will find on the floor, but also on the walls and ceiling. To create a Scandinavian atmosphere, cabin style. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

28. Sustainable and modern decorative objects

Eco-sustainable storage from Kartell. Both small and large designers dedicate collections of decorative objects that combine sustainability, design, and modern. Materials like bioplastics are used to offer eco-design alternatives to everyday objects. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

29. The Character Rooms

Furniture and decoration of character, with touches of luxury. In 2021: we dare to decorate with character, with a touch of luxury if possible. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

30. Modern Rustic

A rustic atmosphere with modern touches, this 2021 decor trend combines the old and the new. A great decorative trend for 2021: the marriage of the old and the modern. The rustic brings a warm touch, the modern contemporary aspect. In the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom… Styles mix. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

31. Face Decoration

Faces are available in decoration as a major trend for 2021. A trend that is growing on social networks with millennials. The face design is a creative wink, artistic and above graph to the interiors. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021

32. The Color Block Trend

This year, the color block, flashy, dynamic, and neon trend invites itself in interior decoration. Flashy and fluorescent, the color block trend is inspired by fashion to bring color to interior decoration. 32 New Home Decoration Trends For 2021


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