5 Amazing Places to Find Tulips in New York

New York is not New York without its wonderful sites filled with the most breathtaking tulips in town. Find out about some of the most gorgeous spots to visit on your next trip!

By: THURSD. | 23-05-2022 | 3 min read
Spring Tulips

What is more lovely than seeing tulips bloom in the spring season? But wait... there's even more beauty to seeing them bloom when it comes to New York city! If you're planning on visiting the city that never sleeps and you want to see 5 of the most amazing places to find tulips in New york, keep reading. 

Ready to wander around the most incredible tulip corners of New York? Their vivid pops of color will have you stunned and will probably become your all-time favorite flowers. Here's a list of 5 must-see tulip spots in NYC. 

5 Amazing Places to Find Tulips in New York

1. Park Avenue

Known to be the most popular spot to find the most beautiful tulips in NYC, it is said that for many New Yorkers, spring does not officially start until the tulips on Park Avenue have completely bloomed. What makes this place extra special are also the breathtaking cherry blossom trees along the avenue. What else could you ask for? Tulips plus cherry blossom trees are the formula for perfection! 


park avenue amazing place to find tulips in nyc- on Thursd
Photo by @nyclovesnyc


2. Hudson River Park

Also known to be one of the most amazing places to find tulips in New York, the Hudson River Park, spans about 550 acres of pure nature, beautiful blooms, and a spectacular waterfront view.


amazing place to see tulips in nyc- hudson park- on Thursd
Photo by @mojojonyc


You're definitely in for a treat if you visit NYC during the late spring, or pre-summer season because they'll be in full bloom and add pops of color to your day. PS: The highest concentration of tulips can be found at the Irish Hunger Memorial and Belvedere Plaza.

3. Grand Army Plaza

Located southeast of Central Park, the Grand Army Plaza is definitely one of the most amazing places to find tulips in New York city.  What you'll encounter upon your arrival to the park are rows of beautifully-colored tulips enhancing a statue whilst also having the unique yet iconic plaza hotel in the back. 


grand army plaza amazing tulips in nyc - on Thursd
Photo Courtesy by: Central Park Conservancy


4. New York Public Library

If you're visiting New York and don't visit the New York public library, you'll be missing out on one of the most amazing places to see tulips and read great books! Although there are not as many tulips in this spot as in some of the other places, their beauty completely out shadows the numbers. This place is a must if you're looking for the most amazing places to find tulips in New York.


nyc public library is an amazing place to see tulips in New York - on Thursd
Photo by: New York Simply


5. West Side Community Garden

If you're looking for a tulip gem, West Side Community Garden is it! New Yorkers consider this spot to be one of the most relaxing, yet amazing places to find the most beautiful tulips in New York. 

You can visit the garden any time of the year, but if you go in mid-spring or pre-summer season, you'll be in for a stunning treat. Fact: More than 15,000 tulips adorn the garden in the most colorful display, and are known to be one of the most amazing places to see tulips in New York city.


West side community garden tulips- on Thursd
Photo by: Ilovetheupperwestside


These amazing spots to find tulips in NYC are a must for your next visit to the city. Tulips are magical, beautiful, and instantly awe everyone that sees them, and what better way to live the complete tulip experience than by going to these incredible places? Make sure to add them to your bucket list.


5 amazing places to see tulips in New York city- on Thursd
Photo by @jennifer_cope




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