Amarine Is a Florist’s Pinkest Dream Come True

This synergy of amaryllis and nerine - grown by All I Am - has brought floriculture to another level.

By: THURSD. | 13-02-2022 | 3 min read
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This is what happened when amaryllis and nerine crossed paths: amarine has the best of both worlds in size, shape, and tremendous vase life. This synergy of two flowers that on their own were already loved big-time by florists and floral designers has brought floriculture to another level. These amarines are grown by All I Am, the revolutionary growers of spectacular flowers.

The Elegant Diva: Amarine

Uniform flowering, bigger booms that last and last. What a florist's dream come true this amarine is. Not only her first name is true - Amarine as a merger of Amaryllis Belladonna and Nerine Bowdenii -  also her middle name 'Belladiva' was chosen truthfully; this flower is an elegant diva in the shape of a flower. 

This new flower amarine had a jump start as a real floral revelation in the world of cut flowers. Compared to Nerine Bowdenii, Amarine Belladiva produces large, dark pink flowers on long straight stems. When she was introduced she was jokingly called "the pink agapanthus", not a bad description really, considering her shape and size. Now we know better, amarine is a class of her own, highly valued by flower traders and florists.

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Both Festive and Romantic

The shape of amarine's blossom is halfway between a star and a trumpet. The blooms are lily-like but distinctive enough to be in their own class. Long, ribbony petals speak of an accessible elegance that will add stylish exuberance to a room or really light up a special celebration. Both festive and romantic, amarines are a perfect choice for a chic and fashionable wedding.

Shades of Pink

Let's have a look at the selection of amarines from the All I Am growers. You'll notice that all varieties have shades of pink, from pale-romantic to fuchsia-dark pink.

Amarine Anastasia

The fun and flirty Amarine Anastasia has a fuschia tint to its long petals. The richest pink you could imagine from an amarine – graces this pretty cultivar. Notice the beautifully recurved petals typical of its ancestor nerine as well as the beautiful markings on the petals. Anastasia is a radiant, pink amarine that immediately puts a smile on your face.


Amarine Anastasia. Images by @grevelingengarden (left) on Instagram and Wouter Koppen on iBulb.


Amarine Emannuelle

She is the lightest pink among the amarines. Amarine Emanuelle is a large-flowered hybrid, enchanting as a cut flower and seductive in bouquets or as decoration. The flower has a dazzling, romantic color and fine, trumpet-shaped leaves. It can hardly be more romantic, so it is ideal for bridal work.


Amarine Emanuelle. Images by @jacintaguilleminot (left) on Instagram and Wouter Koppen on iBulb.


Amarine Paris

Amarine Paris’s petals are shaded, with magenta in the center and creamy blush pink on the side. A full, pink amarine with a special star-shaped pattern on the leaf. These flowers will give you the impression of fairy wings. It’s absolutely a promise of a wonderful and long-lasting romance, and long vase life, naturally. Simply put, as the French say: "Quelle beauté!" 


Amarine Paris. Images by Wouter Koppen on iBulb.


A Playful Touch

These amarines from breeder Agrofleur Select and the growers from All I Am bring a playful touch to any floral creation, but when presented on their own they can really take your breath away. A single amarine in a vase will wow the viewer. And keep in mind that they last up to two weeks with proper care, it’s a no-brainer that the amarine will grow on you.


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Header and feature images by Wouter Koppen on iBulb.



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