Barbora Batokova Captures the Beauty of Fungi in Fascinating Photographs

An ongoing love that grows and never stops. Take a closer look at these incredible fungi pictures!

By: THURSD. | 03-05-2023 | 3 min read
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Barbora Batokova's captivating photographs skillfully portray the intricate gills beneath various fungi species' caps. Her striking images offer a vivid glimpse into the hidden world of these fascinating organisms, revealing their unique shapes, textures, and colors. 

Barbora Batokova’s Deep Love for Fungi

Growing up in the Czech Republic, Pittsburgh-based photographer and self-proclaimed nemophilist Barbora Batokova developed a deep love and appreciation for fungi. She spent her childhood mushroom hunting and foraging for hearty meals, immersed in a culture that revered and celebrated mushrooms.


Orange fungi bellies exposed


When Batokova moved to the United States, she noticed a stark contrast in attitudes towards mushrooms. While her home country had mycophillia, meaning people weren't afraid of mushrooms, she observed that the United States was mycophobic, with many people viewing mushrooms with suspicion and fear.


Multicolor layers of fungi by Barbora Batokova


Yearning for her roots, Batokova created 'Fungiwoman', an ongoing photography and cooking project that allows her to reconnect with nature and share her love of mushrooms with others. She ventures into the woods year-round, exploring new regions, hunting for mushrooms, capturing images, and bringing the fruitful yield home to cook.


Intense orange fungi growing


What Is Fungiwoman About?

Fungiwoman is an amazing project captured by Barbora Batokova. Her mesmerizing photographs showcase the beauty and diversity of mushrooms, from small orange caps springing up from mossy grounds to vibrantly fruiting polypores branching from trees. Through her lens, she captures the magic of these often-overlooked organisms and encourages others to look more closely at the natural world around them.


Barbora Batokova captures fungi in every color and texture


The project is an expression of her deep passion for fungi and her desire to reconnect with nature. Batokova ventures into the woods year-round to explore different regions, hunt for mushrooms, capture images to learn about different species, and bring the fruitful yield home to cook.


Barbora Batokova shoots rare fungi


Batokova is not only an accomplished photographer but also an enthusiastic cook who experiments with new recipes and techniques using the mushrooms she collects. Through Fungiwoman, she shares her love of mushrooms with others and encourages them to appreciate the natural world around them.

Using Fungi Love for Cooking Skills

In addition to her photography, Batokova is also an accomplished cook who enjoys experimenting with new recipes and techniques. She uses the mushrooms she collects in her photography expeditions to create delicious and healthy meals, sharing her recipes and cooking tips with her followers.


Amazing detail of fungi photograph by Barbora Batokova


Batokova's love of mushrooms and nature is evident in her photography, cooking, and commitment to protecting the environment. She is devoted to preserving precious corners of the woods and hopes to inspire others to appreciate and protect the natural world.


Orange fungi by Barbora Batokova


Her forthcoming book about mushrooms, set to be released in 2024, promises to be a stunning and informative exploration of these fascinating organisms. Until then, Batokova's prints and cards are available for purchase in her shop, and her Fungiwoman Instagram provides a glimpse into her adventures as she traverses new thickets and shares her findings.


Fungi growing on tree


Batokova's work is a reminder of the importance of reconnecting with nature and appreciating the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Through her photography and cooking, she shares her love of mushrooms and inspires others to look more closely at the world around them. Her dedication to preserving the environment is a powerful reminder of the need to protect and cherish our planet's precious resources.


Photos by @fungiwoman.



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