Bridal Flowers With Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Orange Make a Visual Impact

Ilspirati designs art pieces of flowers for all those who would like to be different, to be special. Colors are very important to create these jewels.

By: THURSD. | 06-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Last year there were a lot fewer marriages due to all the restrictive measures. Now you can party again. After Corona, Cupido arrives! The wedding industry advises not to postpone your wedding. Is it still possible this summer or in autumn? Don't hesitate! 2022 will be the busiest wedding year ever. The requests for wedding parties are pouring in. Flowers can not be missed on these occasions. And the Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison series by Floritec in particular is a rising star for sure.

Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison

The flower sector is preparing for a spectacular bridal season. The florists want to be well prepared for the catching up of marriages! Flowers are very important at a wedding and the Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Orange is a strong and resilient flower. Santini Ellison is so nice to work with. They are elegant - yet very strong - and simple - yet very textured. Ilse Palmaers used her skills to design this art piece as a wedding bouquet.


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Ilspirati Surprises

Ilse loves to use all her technical skills to make her work stand out. At Ilse's flower shop Ilspirati you can find stylish flower creations that bring a unique atmosphere and experience to every party, live event, or fair. Based on her inspiration and the emotion of her customers, Ilse and her team want to surprise, comfort, thank, or enjoy people with flowers. 

In this bridal bouquet color and contrast are very important. The circle stands for infinity; what else could be better than these Chrysanthemums Santini Ellison Orange for a bridal design?


Wedding Bouquet With Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Orange From Ilse Palmaers for Fleur Creatif - on Thursd

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Santini Ellison Orange

Chrysanthemum Santini Ellison Orange is a strong dark orange santini with endless possibilities for creating creative bouquets and arrangements. The quality is excellent and the transportability superb. The stem is sturdy and well-weighted and has an excellent vase life.

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The Ellison Series

The Ellison family from breeder Floritec consists of no less than seven beautiful soft pastel colors, matching the latest trends: Ellison White, Sunny, Gold, Pink, Orange, Salmon, and Sweet. The possibilities to make fun and colorful Ellison arrangements are endless!


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