Christoffer Relander’s Double Exposure Pictures Embody Nature Scenes Onto Human Figures

This self-taught photographer especially known for his multiple exposures, reveals the in-camera technique that he has used in most of his projects since 2010.

By: THURSD. | 22-09-2022 | 3 min read
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Christoffer Relander’s Double-Exposure Photographs header on Thursd

Christoffer Relander's infinite passion lies in shooting double-exposure pictures that dive deep into the human connection with nature. The artistic photographs showing human silhouettes are "filled" with nature at its finest, including leaves, delicate flowers, tree trunks, and even houses, gardens, and streets.

Christoffer Relander’s Double-Exposure Photographs Superimpose Everyday Scenes Over Human Figures

Christoffer Relander and his double-exposure photographs are beyond any words. Simply spectacular artwork! The artist lives his passion and career with a continuous endeavor driven by spontaneity, honesty, and a desire to try new things. His dreamy compositions expertly combine portraiture (streets, gardens, houses) and the origin of life: nature.


Christoffer Relander’s Double-Exposure with children's figures in the background on Thursd


What Is Double-Exposure Photography?

Relander creates his art using a process called double exposure, in which two opposing pictures are overlaid over one another to striking effect. Simply defined, the final image is a combination of multiple original photos that portray timeless settings and unassuming people with whom we have a strong emotional connection.

Recording Unique Scenes and Moments Around Him

To deeply connect to his work and what he wants to achieve through every picture, Christoffer Relander uses 365 days of double exposure to record the world around him, whether it's the unremarkable things he sees in his house or the people and landscapes he comes across.


Young children in landscape picture by Cristoffer Relander on Thursd


Relander keeps a pocket-sized Ricoh GRIII camera with him to record spontaneous occurrences throughout the day, similar to other daily projects of a similar nature where the purpose is to produce regardless of the conditions.

The Inventiveness Behind Christoffer Relander’s Double Exposure

It is impossible to distinguish between the natural world and the human form in Christoffer Relander's double-exposure series. Born and based in Finland, the talented photographer has created a beautiful, yet unconventional series of breathtaking visual displays as a reminder of the universal truth that everything is in fact connected at the most fundamental levels.


Fantastic nature inspired double exposure pictures by Cristoffer Relander on Thursd

The wonder and breathtaking natural beauty of the southern Finnish countryside, where he was born and raised, combined with his passion, love, curiosity, and experimentation are the responsible components for his genuine inspiration.

Layer Silhouettes of Children With Foliage

Many of Christoffer's double-exposure pictures include the figures of young children with spectacular backgrounds that fuse nature and their beautiful silhouettes altogether. But he does not limit his imagination and has also featured human profiles of elder people to show that everyone can connect with nature even though they feel they've lost that interrelation.


Layer Silhouettes of Children With Foliage


By overlaying a deserted road onto a profile so that it seems to lead inside the figure, or enabling face characteristics to peek through a garden of daisies, the black-and-white photographs sensitively balance the human and natural components.


Elder adult as part of Cristoffer Relander's Double-Exposure pictures on Thursd


Interested in His Work?

The Finnish photographer prides himself as the first month's collection was just published on Behance.


Cristoffer Relander on Thursd
Christoffer Relander


For all of you wanting to buy his prints to really praise the decoration in your house, they're available through his website. Ready to make your home look spectacular through Christoffer Relander's double-exposure photographs? They are about to change the energy and vibe of your entire home.


All photos by Christoffer Relander.



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