Sprinkle Some Love on Your Roses With These Bloomin' Brilliant Care Tips

Discover a few essential rose care tips and unlock the secrets to longevity.

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Welcome to the month of June, where nature adorns itself with the exquisite beauty of roses. As June's flower of the month, roses emerge in all their splendor, captivating us with their vibrant colors and delicate petals. To ensure these floral treasures grace your surroundings for as long as possible, Chrysal and Mystic Flowers share invaluable care tips that come to the rescue. Pay close attention to keep your roses longer!

How To Care For Roses - The Queen of Flowers

The rose is called the queen of flowers, it is thought so because a rose is elegant and passionate. There are thousands of different varieties, colors, and shapes of this blossom of love. Naturally, you want to enjoy your lovely roses for as long as you can.


Red roses blossoming with Chrysal products
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As a professional rose grower, it's known that roses often face a common challenge known as 'bent-neck' where the stem beneath the bud lacks the strength to support the growing flower, resulting in a drooping appearance.

However, this issue can be mitigated through proper post-harvest treatment. Chrysal recommends using their products like Chrysal RVB or Chrysal RVB Clear Intensive, which enhance water absorption, promote healthy flower development, and prevent premature aging and bent-neck.


How to care appropriately for roses
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The timing of when roses are cut is also critical. Cutting flowers too early increases their vulnerability to being 'bent-neck' while cutting them too late raises the risk of damage.

On the other hand, Belen Muñoz, Marketing Manager at Mystic Flowers shares:

"Our years of experience in the market have led us to develop good farming and sustainable practices that guarantee the consistent quality of flowers that results in more enjoyable days with beautiful blooming roses at home and more vibrant and strong flowers in any floral arrangement."


The ultimate care guide for roses with Mystic Flowers and Chrysal


That said, you understand that when roses come into a flower shop, and when treated well, there has been done everything to make sure the quality of the roses is guaranteed. Now it's up to the individual florist to continue this process. What has to happen at the flower shop-level, and, what do you have to do at home?

Here's a compilation of rose care advice for both florists and customers that'll serve both big times!

Chrysal and Mystic Flower’s Rose Tips for Florists

Florists can follow Chrysal's essential rose care tips to maintain the flowers' quality in the store. Using a solution of Chrysal Professional 2 helps preserve the roses' color and condition, limiting excessive opening of the flowers. As a consumer, it's important to select florists that use the right solution. Just ask if they use Chrysal!


Chrysal Bag-in-Box Prof 2


Using this solution results in longer-lasting roses and reduces waste. For floral arrangements and vases, Chrysal Professional 3 is recommended, as it contains vital nutrients that support flower growth, extending their freshness by up to 60%. (Independent studies show).


Taking care of your roses with Chrysal tips
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Although it may be tempting to remove thorns from roses, it is actually beneficial to leave them intact. Removing thorns can cause damage to the stem, making the rose more vulnerable to environmental pollutants. If you choose to remove thorns, do so with care to minimize any potential harm to the stem and preserve the longevity and beauty of the rose.

Best Rose Care Tips for Consumers

If you're one of those flower lovers that are addicted to the beauty of having roses around your house the entire day, here are some very helpful tips to follow:

When preparing your roses for a vase, trim 2-5 cm off the stems using a clean knife or secateurs. This allows for better water absorption and keeps the flowers fresher for longer. To provide the necessary nutrients, use Chrysal Supreme Rosa flower food, which enhances the vitality and longevity of your roses.


This Is How You and Your Customers Will Enjoy Your Roses Optimally - Chrysal


Before placing the roses in a vase, remove any lower leaves to prevent them from hanging in the water. This helps maintain water cleanliness and reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Additionally, position your vase of roses away from ripening fruit, as ethylene gas released by fruit can hasten the aging process of the flowers. Protect your roses from direct sunlight and draughts, as they prefer a cool, shaded environment.



Regularly monitor the water level in the vase and top it up with fresh water and Chrysal flower food when it decreases to approximately one-third of the original volume. This ensures that your roses continue to receive the necessary hydration and nourishment, allowing them to flourish and grace your surroundings with their beauty for an extended period.

With these simple yet effective Chrysal care tips, you can enjoy the beauty of your roses for longer and indulge in their delightful fragrance day after day!


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