Cymbidiums Are Forever

Orchids are the diamond of the cut flower world. This is how to treat them best for long-lasting pleasure.

By: THURSD. | 17-11-2022 | 3 min read
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Diamonds are forever. Orchids are the diamonds of the cut flower world. Of course, all cut flowers - also cymbidium orchids - have a slightly shorter lifespan. Still, it is possible to enjoy these far more than you'd imagine. Here are a few simple tips & tricks from Dutch cymbidium grower Alain Poot and flower food supplier Chrysal.

Cymbidium Orchids

The orchidaceae family is one of the largest with over 31,000 known species. Because of this, the orchid can be found all over the world. Cut orchids are available in a number of varieties: cymbidium, phalaenopsis, vanda, cattleya, paphiopedilum, dendrobium, and oncidium. Orchids are mostly known for their beautiful flowers, which come in a wide variety of unique shapes and colors. When you look at their majestic shapes and splendor, you'll understand why these flowers are nicknamed 'the diamonds of the cut flowers'.



For cut flower arrangements cymbidiums are the most-used orchids with the widest assortment available on the market. This elegant flower has everything for everyone on every occasion. Cymbidiums are a perfect gift, and they are also widely used in wedding arrangements and other luxurious designs. With the right care, they can be enjoyed for a long time. Need some tips & tricks? Just keep on reading and learn from the best.


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Tips From the Grower - Alain Poot

Alain Poot Orchideeën is a specialist in large-flowered cut cymbidiums. His flowers are a household name all over the world. It would be too much to sum up his entire collection of about 65 varieties in six colors, but you will have seen them before. This is how he ensures your cymbidiums stay in tip-top shape.


"Orchids are particularly sensitive to ethylene gas, a natural flower and plant hormone - that is also present in e.g. ripening fruits - that increases flower aging.

Chrysal has these little sachets called Ethylene Buster®. I dip these in water and put a single sachet in every box of cymbidium. The water activates the powder in the sachet to become a gas. The gas will go into the flowers and protect the cymbidium by blocking the ethylene receptor places.

Producing ethylene is a totally natural process, but it does cause the aging of flowers, so we want to slow that down as much as possible. Chrysal Ethylene Buster® does precisely that. We have conducted tests with and without this sachet, and it worked well on my cymbidiums."



Tips for Consumers

What tips does Alain Poot have for consumers to enjoy cymbidiums for a longer period?


"Cymbidiums are very strong flowers. With good care, they can have a vase life of 4 to 5 weeks. How? By simply cutting off 2 centimeters from the bottom of the stem every week. The veins of the flower silt up after a while, so cutting off a small piece re-enables the flow of water."



Tips From Chrysal

Orchids are fragile flowers that should be handled delicately to avoid damage. Next to the tip of using Ethylene Buster®, Chrysal tips all cut orchid growers to make sure the water tubes are filled with plenty of water with Chrysal Professional 2.

According to Chrysal consumers ought to handle cymbidiums with this in mind:


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Chrysal Ethylene Buster® and Chrysal Professional 2


Enjoy Your Cymbidium!

How about it if you could enjoy your cymbidiums for 4 or 5 weeks? They might outlast most other flowers in your bouquet, so just cut off a short piece of the stem and refurbish your bouquet! Wouldn't that be value for money and a wonderful thing to watch?


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Photos courtesy of Alain Poot Orchideeën.



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