8 Feng Shui Strategies for Arranging and Caring for Houseplants

Do you want to have and feel good energies at home? Here are ways to enhance the energy flow and tranquility in your indoor spaces.

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Feng shui is widely known and used traditional Chinese philosophy to arrange and design spaces whether indoors or outdoors to enhance harmony, balance, and the flow of energy. Feng shui mastery is the epitome of energy flow and getting the most out of your space; through the creation of peaceful atmospheres. The incorporation of feng shui into houseplant arrangements and caring is not a new phenomenon but has been practiced over the past decades by different feng shui scholars and followers.

The ultimate goal of using feng shui strategies for houseplants arrangement and caring is to stimulate the flow of energy ('chi') within your space; creating a sense of balance and posterity. Houseplants are mood boosters, enhance productivity, and for some varieties purify the air we breathe indoors, but with feng shui, our houseplants can do so much more.

Here are 8 feng shui strategies that can be incorporated into houseplants to generate balance, harmony, and a flow of positive energy indoors.

Feng Shui Strategic Placement of Your Houseplants

The flow of life and positive energy from our houseplants is only possible when they are the recipients of harmony and positive energy themselves first. This is possible through the strategic placement of your houseplants in befitting locations within your indoor space. Such locations should have sufficient access to bright indirect or direct light depending on the growing conditions of the associated plant.


Feng Shui Elements
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Placing your plant in locations filled with clutter and where air circulation is not optimal since it hinders its ability to transmit positive energy flow within your indoor spaces. feng shui approach to the arrangement of a feng shui bedroom or living room, kitchen among other rooms in your indoor space results in balance and harmonious co-existence of different energy flow present indoors.

Feng shui plants and strategic arrangements using the feng shui philosophies tend to tap more into the positivity and character plants embody; it is a sure way to gain more from houseplants while creating tranquility and a beneficial pattern within your living spaces.

Balancing Feng Shui Elements With Plants

The creation of a balance between the five elements of feng shui contributes to balance and harmony; which in turn influences energy flow. The five elements; wood, earth, fire, metal, and water are crucial because each one of these elements speaks to different aspects of life independently.

The wood element of feng shui represents greenery or growth and vitality and this is where your houseplants with lush and dark green foliage come in. Going for tall leafy houseplants can suffice because they massively bring much-needed growth energy indoors. The wood element is vital to the health and well-being of humans, it is this green living, which has the power to influence the flow of positive energy in our living spaces.


Feng Shui Bedroom
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To enhance the balance of feng shui elements in your living spaces; consider choosing items that can symbolize the other four elements; fire, earth, metal, and water. Fire stands for passion and transformation; flowers with shades of red, purple, and orange can create such an equilibrium. Therefore, planting a plant with orange, purple, red or orange blooms strategically indoors can help stimulate passion or the fire feng shui element.

The earth element can be adopted through the use of soil, pebbles, stones, and pottery as a medium to grow your houseplants. Metal decorative items, sculptures, and other metal pieces of art can incorporate the metal feng shui element indoors. Water represents abundance and flow of life, strategic use and placement of water add detailed and yet positive results to the flow of energy. Due to the limitation of space indoors, the use of an aquarium can help add the aspect of water elements creating the desired balance of elements with plants indoors.

Health and Growth the Feng Shui Way

When your plants struggle to grow optimally due to neglect or lack of optimal attention; this redundant growth hinders balance, harmony, and flow of energy as championed by feng shui principles. Provision of the right amount of light, watering, pruning, repotting your plants on time, and application of fertilizer enhances the health of your houseplants.


Feng Shui
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When the above caring is applied timely to your plants including getting rid of dead or wilted foliage; debris or clutters which might be stumbling blocks to the flow of energy from your houseplants can be eradicated. Healthy and thriving plants are good agents of positive energy flow while struggling and retarded plants hinder balance and tranquility in your indoor spaces.

Houseplants Shapes and Sizes Feng Shui Interpretation

Houseplants with well-shaped foliage like Fiddle Leaf Fig, Elephant Ear, and Rubber Plant among others, resonate well with shapes and patterns which support positive energy flow. However, spiky or thorny houseplants like the Cacti varieties should be adopted and used cautiously, because excess of such plants tends to be counterproductive.

Houseplants can stimulate a positive mood, improve our productivity and transform our indoor ambiance; but according to the feng shui principles shapes and sizes of such plants plays a significant wrong in enhancing or inhibiting energy flow. A balance of tall houseplants and smaller ones creates a contrast that fits well with the balance, harmony, and energy flow of the feng shui philosophy.

Adoption of Different Colors for Aesthetics and Energy Flow

Feng shui's emphasis on color can be attributed to the powerful nature of color to stimulate peace, happy thoughts, and positive energy. The foliage color can be attributed to health and vitality, which also symbolizes growth or life within our living spaces.


Feng Shui Living
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The incorporation of other colors like red, purple, or orange brings passion and transformation to our interior decor. The use of blooming houseplants can help create the desired contrast indoors, which also inspires a positive flow of energy. However, the consideration of other decor options within your space to complement the adopted houseplants is a great way to use color and the aesthetics of your houseplants to propagate a positive flow of energy.

Placement of Plants in the Entry or Front Door

As you focus on the arrangement of your houseplants in a bid to create the recommended balance, harmony, and energy flow patterns; do not overlook your entryways or the front door. Placement of plants in your front door, according to the feng shui philosophy invites positive energy and tranquility to your home.


Feng Shui Plants
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Be careful not to overcrowd your front door or entryways with plants because this might obstruct the flow of energy instead of encouraging it.

Feng Shui Living Room Plants

The living room is the place of insightful conversations, entertainment and also reading for those who do not have a study room. The living room ought to be transformed by the cleansing and purifying nature of plants. feng shui living room plants to be used within your living room spaces include; the snake Plant, Peace Lilies, and Spider Plant among others. Living room plants should complement the interior decor in place to avoid a clash, which might result in tampering with the energy flow and the quality thereof.

The cleansing of your living room air is highly recommended by feng shui to enhance the production and flow of positive energy within your indoor spaces.


Feng Shui
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Keep in mind that feng shui philosophy has been in existence for ages and thus its interpretation and application might differ from one person to another. However, when it comes to houseplants, the goal is to create balance and harmony with all the objects and items of decor in your indoor space. Feng shui affirms once again why less can be more in most cases, and more cannot be ideal since it is a blockage to the free flow and circulation of positive energy within your space.

There are plenty of feng shui experts to learn from, especially when you desire to delve deeper to fully become a master of this philosophy and seek to apply it in every aspect of your life. The above 8 feng shui strategies for arranging and caring for your houseplants, add immensely to the benefits of plants beyond the aesthetics by enhancing the creation of a perfect ambiance at all times. Grow houseplants resourcefully with feng shui strategies; this is feng shui living.

You should try it!


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