This New Floral Influencer & Creative Platform Is on Track!

myThursd connects the first 100+ floral influencers.

By: THURSD. | 14-02-2024 | 3 min read
myThursd connects the first 100+ floral influencers


"As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are more confident than ever in myThursd's potential to revolutionize how the floral industry collaborates. We invite creatives and businesses alike to join us in this exciting journey, unlocking endless opportunities for innovation and success."

- Edwin Kirwa, Customer Success Manager @myThursd.


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Amsterdam, February 15, 2024 – In an impressive leap forward for the floral industry, myThursd proudly announces, it has successfully connected over 100 creative members to its pioneering software. This remarkable achievement underscores myThursd's commitment to becoming the premier online destination for floral influencer marketing and collaboration. As the world's most expansive floral influencer and creative platform, myThursd stands at the forefront of redefining industry standards for collaboration and innovation.

A New Era of Floral Projects 

myThursd offers an all-in-one solution designed to maximize the impact of floral projects. It serves as the ultimate hub for businesses and individuals, facilitating seamless connections, collaborations, and market conquests. The platform brings together a diverse array of enterprises, including growers, breeders, wholesalers, suppliers, floral designers, photographers, influencers, and more, enabling them to exchange services and unite for powerful promotional projects.


myThursd Press Release


Empowering Creatives and Businesses

With myThursd, members have the unique opportunity to earn money while engaging in creative endeavors with flowers, plants, and related products. Access to the newest introductions and specialty products is now more straightforward than ever. The platform encourages building strong relationships with industry leaders such as growers, breeders, and traders, offering a new avenue for promoting businesses through pitching on projects.

Innovative Collaboration and Promotion

myThursd is dedicated to fostering innovation within the floral industry. It allows members to seamlessly create and participate in projects, collaborate with world-renowned designers, and promote products through stunning photography, videos, and live events. Edwin Kirwa, Customer Success Manager of myThursd:

“This groundbreaking approach not only enhances product visibility but also opens up endless possibilities for creative and professional growth”.

A Growing Community of Floral Professionals

Having already attracted over a hundred floral designers and other creative members, myThursd is on a clear path to expanding its community. This growth signifies a shift towards more collaborative and innovative industry practices, with the help of the people of myThursd at the helm of this transformation. Regine Motmans, Floral Connecter at myThursd:

“Helping out is the core of our ambition, we are obsessed with helping the users to reach their goals. In the end, it is always the people that define our industry. The special software of myThursd is just the tool”.

Join the Revolution

Whether you are a floral designer eager to work with the latest products, a grower, breeder, trader, or exporter in search of the perfect collaborator for your project, myThursd offers an unmatched platform to meet your needs. From styled shoots and social media content to corporate videos and live floral arrangements, myThursd connects you with the right people for every project.


myThursd Press Release


About myThursd

myThursd is already the world's largest floral influencer and creative platform, offering an all-in-one solution for high-impact floral projects. It serves as the ultimate hub for businesses and individuals to connect, collaborate, and conquer the market together. With a focus on connecting brands in floriculture with floral designers, photographers, influencers, and other creatives, myThursd is dedicated to revolutionizing the way the industry collaborates.

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For more information, please contact Arnold Wittkamp: [email protected], +31 6 55 27 56 11.

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myThursd Press Release


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