Flowerboxx, the Online Toolbox Wins Prestigious Computable Award 2021

A big development to support florists digitizing their flower shop with innovative and easy-to-use software.

By: THURSD. | 08-12-2021 | 1 min read
Flowerboxx supports the local florist with a toolbox developed by... a florist! This florist, Naturals, teamed up with software developer Grexx and built an award-winning 'online toolbox' for florists that supports them in digitizing their shop with easy-to-use software. Flowerboxx responds to the gap between traditional and digital stores.

Solving the Digital Challenge of Florists

Florists face a major challenge. Although the ornamental flower market is growing every year, the local florist sees little of this in return. The local florist comes first with customer focus and craftsmanship. Still, some major online players are gaining ground. This does not mean a bright future for many flower shops... That has to change: it's time for the local florist's comeback! Flowerboxx combined the knowledge of experienced Naturals florists and smart Grexx IT specialists. It's an easily applicable toolbox with which your business performs better. And you have time for your gorgeous flowers. Flowerboxx the Online Toolbox Wins Prestigious Computable Award 2021

The Computable Award 2021

During an award ceremony at the Computable Award Event in Utrecht, last November, The Computable Award was handed to Pieter Hufen en Mark Koster from Flowerboxx. Theme for the event was 'Accelerate Now' focusing on the digital acceleration that is necessary during the COVID pandemic. The jury report states: "We are very pleased with the Flowerbox software, both about the initiative and the implementation."

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