Hoops and Horticulture Is Where Hoops and Plants Collide

These hip handmade basketball planters show the harmony of plants and basketball from the court to the nursery.

By: THURSD. | 20-09-2021 | 1 min read Houseplants
Hoops and Horticulture is a small business brand with big ideas. These ideas start with a ball. Yes, a sports ball, like a basketball, or a soccer ball. How cool these are as a planter is clear. Seeing is believing that there truly is a match between plants and basketball.

Endless Possibilities

Imagine the endless possibilities when using a full-sized 29.5-inch Nike, Wilson, or Spalding basketball. Or its mini-sized 22-inch version? Or perhaps a size 5 Champions League soccer ball? And add to that the endless designs and colors of today's sports balls. Nowadays, the balls are not just all modestly brownish-orange anymore. They are a fashionable item. Often the ball is the eye-catcher of the match! The Hoops and Horticulture brand was brought into existence to combine two passions, plants and basketball. Each and every planter is hand-made and treated as if it were the only one being put together. Whether you're just a plant lover, a basketball fan, or simply looking for ways to up your home decor, this may be your inspiration to dare step outside the lines too. Image by bradfordbotanicalco.

Some Hoops and Horticulture Ideas

Check some of the designs ideas from Hoops and Horticulture's customers on Instagram. Hoops and Horticulture Nike Air Jordan Images from hoopsandhorticulture on Instagram.

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