How 29 Year Old Edana Yen Came to a Winning Design

Over 2,500 people voted online for their favorite designs

By: THURSD. | 02-11-2020 | 3 min read

Florida State Florist Association organized Design Challenge International 2020

This global online competition, organized by the Florida State Florists' Association, a not-for-profit educational trade association of florists, drew entries from 88 floral designers from 35 countries across six continents. Over 2,500 people voted online for their favorite designs.
Edana Yen
From garnering gold medals as a national bowler, Edana Hee Kar Yen, 29, has again shown her winning touch by bagging the grand prize in the Design Challenge International 2020.

Edana Hee Kar Yen

Edana Hee Kar Yen's design, which bagged the grand prize in the Design Challenge International 2020, was inspired by the adornment of native African women. Hee's inspiration came from the adornment of native African women.
"I love the idea of the long-necked African ladies with their neck rings, big earrings and also the huge Zulu hat. All these three components show their status in their hierarchy, or represent their tribe, and are a statement of worth, culture and style,"
says Hee, who hails from Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

A Technical Highlight

In her winning design, Hee used a mix of local and imported flowers – Protea and orchids – while for the foliage, she used Bare Grasses and Green Bells. For the structure that holds the flowers together, she used a slender blue bottle and lengths of wire. Edana Yen explains:
"Each row of the metal cables on the bottle represents the neck rings. The circular shape, from the top view, represents the Zulu hat. The spiral wrapped with Bare Grasses and Green Bells, with a touch of Silver Brunia and red orchids, represents the earrings and (other) accessories,"
In the middle of the masterpiece sits the King Protea flower.
"It looks like a crown, to represent how every woman can become a 'king' if she'd just believe it."

Changing Course

For the competition, she had to submit four pictures of her design from different angles. When she found out that she had won the grand prize, she felt deeply honored. The former SMK Assunta student says:
"I was also shocked because I’m still a newbie in this line, and I was up against a few strong, top designers."
Edana Yen Winning design on Thursd - 03
Edana Yen
It was a health scare some years ago that caused the former national athlete to take stock and change the trajectory of her life. Although she still competes in international bowling tournaments, she does so on a part-time basis these days – just five to six times a year. Her job as a florist takes up the rest of her time.

Between 200 and 250 Hours

It took Hee between 200 and 250 hours to complete her creation, from wiring work to the floral arrangement. The flowers and materials cost her about RM300. Edana Yen Winning design on Thursd - 34

Edana Yen on Facebook

"Here’s my Masterpiece from building it to the final outcome. ❤️ I’ll show you all in details. Those that still wondering what’s about the lady picture. The picture is for me to inspired and make my creation out ❤️. My inspiration came from the Native African Women."
Edana Yen Winning design on Thursd - 21
"I LoooOoove the idea of the long neck African Lady with Neck-Ring , Big Earring and also the Big Zulu hat ❤️ All of these 3 components shows their status of their hierarchy, or to represent their tribe, a statement of worth, culture, & style. Every row of the metal cable on the bottle represents the neck-ring. The Round / Circle shape from the top view represent the Zulu Hat ❤️. The Spiral wraps with Bare Grasses & Green Bells and a touch of the Silver brunia & Red Orchids represents the earring & accessories ☺️."
Edana Yen Winning design on Thursd - 31

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