How Social Media and Flowers come Together in this Instagram Flower School

Starting florists learn about flowers 'the social way'

By: THURSD. | 02-09-2020 | 2 min read
Wildflowers and Wodka is the alter ego of Loes van Look. A former marketing manager and fashion journalist who turned her life around and learned herself how to arrange flowers. Instagram flower school - quote loes van look - flowers and phone

Learning by Doing

Loes found peace in flowers. As an autodidact, she learned everything through YouTube and soon she was obsessed with the colors and shapes of nature. With the help of Instagram, this hobby got out of hand and within six months she worked as a professional in flowers. With a wild and luscious style so lavish that it breathes luxury, without it being an old-fashioned style or your typical classical arrangement. Her concepts always guard that rough and wild edge. It’s time to get to know more about the successful formula of her Instagram Flower School! Instagram flower school - Wildflowers and wodka - portrait with basket of flowers on thursd

Wildflowers Insta School

The ‘Wildflowers Insta school’ is a digital flower school where you learn new things every month about flower arranging, flowers, influences of external lectures and more. Through a private Instagram account, Loes teaches her students about flower arranging and doing business in flowers. Joining can be done by a simple subscription.

Flowering Lessons via Videos and Stories

All information is provided by Instagram live videos and stories. Additional background information can be found via photos on the Insta School social feed. A live Q&A moment is hosted by Loes each month to answer the personal questions of students. Homework is also on the menu, each student receives feedback on the flower arrangements they send in. Just like a traditional school system but then in a modern online design! The Insta School is very easy to access. You can subscribe and unsubscribe every month.

Why do you Choose this Way of Education?

“It is very accessible for both the students and for myself. There’s little fuss and it is totally custom made to meet everyone’s preferences. This online method of teaching does create a close connection with the students. They can easily ask questions, respond, watch me explain topics during a live session or watch it on a postponed moment that suits them best.”
Loes has also chosen for this style to match her own preferences.
“I like to live free. By teaching this way, I can do it from anywhere in the world and I don't pin myself down to one workplace. All I need is my flowers and my phone.”
Instagram flower school - Wildflowers and wodka - flatlay accesories for online lesson on thursd
Necessities for the Wildflowers Insta School

A School for Starting Florists

The great majority of the students of the Wildflower Insta School are starting florists. People who know the (classic) basics but are still looking for depth in a style in which they can recognize themselves. Reach out to Loes if you like to get to know more about Wildflower’s Insta School.
Instagram flower school - Wildflowers and wodka - how to design online classes
Founder and teacher Loes van Look



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