How to Choose the Best Flowers for Your Next Date

What is a good date without the perfect flowers? Knowing how to choose the ideal flowers for a date will make this moment extra special.

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To put it simply, flowers are a universal language of romance. And when you’re trying to show your date just how much they mean to you, nothing does the trick quite like the gorgeous look and scent of flowers. That being said, choosing the best flowers for your date isn’t always as easy as it sounds. After all, every date is different and will call for a different set of flowers to convey the appropriate atmosphere.

How to Choose the Best Flowers for a Date

To help you choose the right flowers for your next date night (or any other evening), we’ve outlined some helpful tips and advice on how to choose the best flowers for a date. Besides picking specific kinds of flowers, there are a few things you should think about!


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1. Know the Season

Before you head out to the florist with your heart set on roses for your next date with a girl, it’s crucial to know when the best season for flowers is. While roses may be beautiful year-round, certain flowers (like hydrangeas and peonies) are best grown during certain times of the year. Choosing flowers outside their natural season is tricky. The quality tends to be less good, and very often, they are more expensive. Therefore, it's always a good idea to use flowers that have a specific season. Ask your florist for what's in season.


Choosing seasonal flowers on your date makes a lasting impression. Because every year, when the same flower varieties are in season again, your date will remember the flowers (and you) when she sees the flowers in season again. Also, seasonal flowers are less common and therefore make a longer-lasting impression.


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On the other hand, if you’re planning a date for a specific seasonal celebration (e.g., Valentine’s Day), you’ll have to adjust your date-night plans accordingly. For example, while red roses are often thought of as a Valentine’s Day flower (and may indeed be a great choice), they’re not the only flowers that can work for that special occasion. During this period, it's the start of the tulip season also, and red tulips are a great gift too.

2. Decide on a Color Scheme

When you’re picking out flowers for your date, it’s essential to keep in mind the color scheme of the date. For example, are you going on a cheque dinner date? Then you might want to go with a more conservative color scheme, like whites and natural shades. Combine white roses with soft foliage and other white and pastel-colored flowers such as alstroemeria, chrysanths, dianthus, and fillers such as eryngium and wax flower.


Choose the right flowers for date - Flowers in conservative color scheme
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If your date is a friendlier event, like a picnic or a barbecue, you might want to go with a brighter arrangement whit harder-colored roses, delphinium, and sunflowers


Best flowers for a date
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Similarly, if your date is a more formal event, like a wedding or an anniversary celebration, you might want to go with a more elegant pink-shaded color scheme. Figuring out the color scheme of your date will help you pick out the right flowers for the occasion.


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3. Be Aware of the Occasion

If you’re picky about your flowers, you might want to keep in mind the occasion of your date. For example, if your date is at a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, you might want to go with a special, sophisticated bouquet. If your date is more casual, like a walk, a picnic, or a beach day, you might want to go with a more casual arrangement. 


The ideal date flowers depend on the occasion- on Thursd
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4. Don’t Forget About Size and Shape

While you definitely want to keep in mind the color scheme and occasion of your date, you should also mind the size of the flowers. If you’re picking out flowers for a first date, you don't want to overdo it. Go with a little bouquet or a smaller bunch of flowers. A nice to-sur-ton bouquet, or a bunch of just tulips, smaller roses, or sunflowers. On the other hand, if you’re picking out flowers for a second, third, or later date, you might want to go with an over-the-top bouquet with larger flowers (like long-stemmed roses). Or show your affection with a large bouquet with tall flowers with large tropical flowers or orchids.


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Always keep in mind the size of the bouquet and its weight should be comfortable so that the girl can easily carry it in her hands until the moment when she has the opportunity to put it in a vase. Or walk along!

5. The Scenery

When you pick out flowers for your date, you might want to keep in mind the scenery of your date. For example, if your date is at a restaurant, you might want to pick out less noticeable flowers (e.g., lilies that have a strong scent, that don't go well with the food). 

If your date is outdoors, and it is hot, you might want to pick out flowers that are less fragile (e.g., orchids, and other tropical flowers, since they don’t need as much water to stay strong). 


When you’re picking out flowers for your date, make sure you keep in mind all the crucial factors, to make sure you choose the best flowers for the occasion.




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