Isabelle Menin's Disordered Photographic Portraits of Flowers

Fresh blossoms and withering blooms melt into each other in dreamy washes of color and hazy drips and swirls.

By: THURSD. | 31-08-2022 | 2 min read
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Isabelle Menin

Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin creates portraits of flowers that are not only gorgeous in form and color but also uniquely expressive. This is your typical article to watch more than to read, so enjoy this display of fabulous inland photographs and disordered landscapes.

Isabelle Menin

Fresh blossoms and withering blooms melt into each other in dreamy washes of color and hazy drips and swirls. Hues and flowers are reflected in pools of water, as forms disintegrate and reappear in trickles and indistinct glimmers of light. The resulting images are breathtaking interplays of light and shadow, form and reflections, and breathtaking colors and textures.



Beautifully Moody Images

Looking at Menin's vibrant and organic work, it isn't surprising to learn that she has a background in painting. After working with paint for over a decade, the artist turned to digital photography instead.

With rich colors, bold textures, and stunning abstract quality, her creations look more like masterful illustrations and paintings than conventional photographs. Part of this is due to the digital manipulation that Isabelle Menin loves using to transform and blend photos in order to create her beautifully moody images.


Isabelle Menin Photo Design on Thursd


Isabelle Menin Photography on Thursd


Inland Photographs and Disordered Landscapes

Isabelle Menin calls her work "inland photographs and disordered landscapes" in reference to the strange complexity of nature, which reminds her of human complexity.

Isabelle says:

"The uncontrolled forces, the shapes’ complexity, the interweavings, and the synergy of the elements, they all look to me like a mirror of the human spirit. We are no straight lines, we are like nature, a very large network of interferences that work together to produce something which sometimes looks accomplished and then gets destroyed in a perpetual coming and going between order and disorder."



More From Isabelle Menin

Are you fascinated? Want to see more of Isabelle Menin? Be sure to check Isabelle's website and Instagram.


Isabelle Menin wide art piece on Thursd


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