Lauren Sellen Is the Creative Mind Behind Coyote Flowers

While nature is her canvas, the flower is the extension of her body, her soul and her brush stroke.

By: THURSD. | 31-08-2022 | 2 min read
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You may or may not have noticed: a new wave of floral design has emerged in the most recent years. Many leading florists around the world have pushed this art form in a quite different direction and brought new attention to this old craft. One of them is Canadian Floral Designer and Art Director Lauren Sellen from Coyote Flowers.

Lauren Sellen & Coyote Flowers

It seems that we are living in a time when floral design is having its renaissance. A group of florists around the world is not afraid to push boundaries and is literally flourishing on Instagram

Having worked with cult-following brands like Glossier, created a dreamlike wedding installation in Provence, and collaborated with artists in other disciplinary to create fascinating editorials, Lauren is never afraid of one thing, which is experimenting. So, constantly experimenting, Lauren has discovered her own artistic identity. This has also attracted a unique group of clientele who also gravitate towards unconventional beauty. And through her experimenting, Lauren continues to bring nuance to her design and craft.

Lauren Sellen:

"Every time I do something for myself when it's just like not for a job, not for a shoot, just like: I have flowers, whether they're left over from something else or whether I just go out and buy some like I still do that, everything is sort of stripped away and you're just you're just doing it for yourself.

You're not nervous that somebody will get it. Like you just are doing it for the art of it and for yourself and for your own creative fulfillment. I think that's what always brings me back to like, the love of doing it and like, and just using it to express."


Lauren has a lot of emotions. She admits that. And she expresses her emotional intentions through her art. While nature is her canvas, the flower is the extension of her body, her soul, and her brushstroke. From Winnipeg to Ottawa to Toronto and now in Hamilton, Lauren has been seeking peacefulness. She is getting close.


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Lauren Sellen on Dear Seekers

Dear Seekers is a podcast conversation series and a community garden for curious souls seeking artistic endeavors and spiritual fulfillment. During the thoughtful and intimate conversations, journalist Sasha Xiao sits down with aspiring authors and artists to learn about how their art practice has been a healing and transcendent experience, and how they discover meaning, fulfillment, and alignment.

The conversations on Dear Seekers are sometimes poetic and melancholic, sometimes existential and philosophical, and always spiritual. Hope we can offer you some warmth, wisdom, and joy.


Listen to the full 45-minutes podcast by Dear Seekers with Lauren Sellen:


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