Learning the Basics of Floral Design Online: Is It Possible?

The key to the success of any florist and plant designer is professionalism, sociability, self-confidence, the ability to generate exclusive ideas and solutions, and the skill to catch the client’s wishes.

By: THURSD | 22-09-2022 | 4 min read
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The profession of a florist is wrapped in a romantic flair. There is a salon full of live plants and beautiful decor, exotic flowers from all over the world, inspiring work, and always smiling customers. It is how the florist profession is presented to most beginners in this field. But this is only 15% of the visible iceberg. The other 85% is underwater. 


Floristry is a wonderful job, of course. But in addition to this, there is also persistence, the desire to develop and learn new things, and strength (both physical and moral). After the great pandemic of COVID-19, students who want to become a florist choose to study online. Online learning is popular as you can study at college even without leaving your house. More and more people are eager to dedicate their lives to floral design and enroll in online floral design classes.


Path to Florist Profession

One can say that to become a florist, it is enough to take a few masterclasses or webinars and then develop and improve your professional level by yourself. You can study the basics of flower arranging, which include the technique of creating a bouquet, classification of plants and flowers, the main rules in floristry, colors in floristry, wedding floristry, and others. However, for a more in-depth study, professionals recommend future florists graduate from a college or university and receive a degree in the field of florist design.


Is it Hard to Study Floral Arranging? 

Higher education is always time-consuming and demanding. Future florists study many new but essential subjects, i.e., basics of biology, botany, art history, techniques and methods of decorative art, basics of floristry, and compositions. It is also necessary to constantly monitor new trends, and visit specialized exhibitions, floristic festivals, and flower shows.

It is challenging for students as they must read a lot of new information, deal with essays or research papers, attend lectures, and still be focused on their major. Besides, campus life is always full of interesting events or parties each student feels like visiting. To avoid stress and fatigue students can ask “write essay for me” experts for quick and professional help once in a while. Well-qualified writers have considerable experience in preparing essays on various topics. Moreover, you can be sure that your paper is arranged logically and have no grammar and spelling mistakes or typos. One more significant bonus is the essay’s uniqueness and guarantee of performance on time.


Basics of Floral design
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Qualities and Skills for Floral Design Professionals

The key to the success of any florist and plant designer is professionalism, sociability, self-confidence, the ability to generate exclusive ideas and solutions, and the skill to catch the client’s wishes. Of course, a florist must have a nice taste and understand the basics of combinatorics (what can be combined with what). Communicative skills are crucial to the success of a florist. The ability to communicate with people will help attract customers and turn them into loyal ones. A good specialist must continuously follow the latest fashions and trends in the field of floristry so that he can always surprise his customers.

In general, a qualified florist should be able to:


Constant self-improvement

Floristry, as in any field of decorative art, has its own fashion. Fashion trends change annually, being influenced by global design ones. Those who do not follow floral fashion can find themselves in an awkward situation: flowers with an outdated design will bring the client more disappointment than joy, even if they were given only with peaceful intentions. That is why florists have to be state-of-the-art professionals. Various floral design classes online, exhibitions, presentations, shows, helpful videos, or related books can come in handy.



Undoubtedly, professions related to flowers and plants can be called one of the most beautiful and pleasant professions all over the world. To be surrounded by flowers every day and to receive a financial reward is almost a dream job! Floristry is a real art that brings brightness and freshness to everyday life. Floristry is the science of beauty and its various expressions with the help of flowers. After all, floristry is a lifestyle, harmony and lightness, mood, and endless love.

No celebration can do without the participation of a florist. Weddings, marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, all these events require floral creations and original ideas. It is safe to say that this profession will always be fashionable and in demand.


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