Magical Jewel Surprises Garden Hydrangea Enthusiasts

New prize-winning garden hydrangea celebrated for color spectacle and longest shelf life

By: THURSD. | 29-04-2021 | 2 min read
There's a new kid on the block of color-changing Magical hydrangeas, the Magical Jewel garden hydrangea. This variety is one that makes sure to wow professionals, gardeners, and hydrangea lovers from the start; it is a prize winner in the category of garden hydrangea shelf life. The number one score amongst all blossoming garden beauties in the hydrangea category.

The Magical Jewel Surprises Garden Hydrangea Enthusiasts - magical jewel garden hydrangea - quote - on thursd

The Magical Jewel

And what a score! This Jewel left the other entries behind with a score of 28.3 on a scale of 30. In the benchmark conducted by the Knowledge Center of the Dutch flower auction Royal FloraHolland, the professional jury assessed the Magical Jewel together with eight other new garden hydrangeas.
The Magical Jewel Surprises Garden Hydrangea Enthusiasts - price winners - on thursd
Prize ceremony by Michel Verbeek, Evelyn Beckers and Cees Luling of Royal FloraHolland. Award handed over to Sandra van der Knaap of Magical Hydrangea, Leendert van Muijlwijk of Plantenkwekerij P van Geest, and breeder Lendert de Vos.

Power and Beauty Go Hand in Hand

Despite its delicate appearance, the Jewel is extremely strong. This compact plant can grow up to a meter high and adds a touch of surprise to your terrace with pink or blue flowers that gradually change into a deep red color. Therefore, it stays beautiful until far into those cold autumn days. Its sturdy stems keep the heads firmly high, even when the weather turns against them and throws some rainstorms on their heads. The new hydrangea sort is ideal for the balcony and terrace, but it also lives up to its name in the garden.
The Magical Jewel Surprises Garden Hydrangea Enthusiasts - magical jewel hydrangea in garden - on thursd
The Magical Jewel garden hydrangea

Color-changing Hydrangea

A color-changing hydrangea that lives up to its name in your garden, balcony, and terrace. Extra striking about the magical series is that during the flowering period the flowers change color three times. Exactly the same applies to this new Jewel, it changes color from spring to autumn. Curious how this works? The lighter the location that you place it in, the stronger the color change. What starts as a green-pink Magical Jewel turns into a romantic shaded dark red and green plant in autumn. The color-changing effect is not visible every day, but very gradually during the summer and late summer - until the first night of frost.

How Do You Care for Your Magical Hydrangea?

The different flower colors are described on the plant label. Eager to start planting this newest Magical hydrangea? Make sure to check out the care tips from the hydrangea growers on the hydrangea care page of the Magical hydrangea website. A little love, water, and care, that's all your hydrangea need to flower for 150 days!
The Magical Jewel Surprises Garden Hydrangea Enthusiasts - magical jewel garden hydrangea - hydrangea varieties - on thursd
So many varieties and colors to choose from. The Magical Jewel is the newest member of the Magical garden hydrangea family



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