How to Make Tulips Go the Extra Mile for You?

Tips from pros on how to stretch the lifetime of your tulip treasure.

By: THURSD. | 13-03-2024 | 4 min read
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The long wait is over: Tulip season is on again! Everywhere in the world tulip lovers have been waiting for the moment that the bulbs wake up and sprout their splendor into the blue sky. A plethora of colors fill the fields of bulb regions like the famous Bollenstreek in the Netherlands, Tulip Town in Vermont, USA, and in Ontario, Canada. All it takes is a hint of spring to start these colorful flowers up again.

So, now you want to know how to enjoy your picks as long as possible. Here are the best tips from the pros on how to stretch the lifespan of your tulip treasure.

First: the Grower - Tips From Zwettulips

Zwettulips is proud to say that they produce tulips year-round. True fact, yet the majority of supply and demand focuses on the high season. That's when people's focus is on tulips, and they crave these jolly flowers in their bouquets for International Women's Day, Easter, Mother's Day in the UK, or just as a gift to themselves or a friend. It has a reason that these flowers symbolize perfect love and affection.


Tulips in a vase in a tulip field


Grower Winfried Versluis from Zwettulips is happy to share his great love for tulips with the world and he casually gives away some free advice to anyone who wants to enjoy a beautiful tulip forest optimally and for a long time.


"Although we sell tulips all year round, tulips are actually a real seasonal product. That's what I think is the beautiful and challenging thing about growing tulips.

And of course the multitude of colors. It doesn't matter what color, whether they are double or fringed tulips. You always see the cheerful faces of people who receive a bunch of tulips. This makes me, like so many people, really happy with these flowers. My favorite? I'd say the double tulip Columbus!"

It's always to see a grower who is a fan of the product he is growing. Of course, the grower is also the first in line to select the best bulbs, grow the tulips carefully, and give these flowers a post-harvest proper treatment before setting them on their (often long) journey to the end consumer.


Winfried Versluis Zwettulips on Thursd
Winfried Versluis from Zwettulips



"We use primarily Chrysal BVB & Plus to get the tulips on their way. The effect of this agent is that tulips do not grow too fast when they still need to keep a low profile. Only in the vase they should rise and bloom, of course.

So, adding BVB & Plus to the water does the trick, because they will prevent the necks from stretching. This way, everyone in the floral supply chain, up to the florist, does not need to stress and be afraid the flowers will start to grow open prematurely."

How Winfried enjoys his favorite flowers the longest? As a connoisseur, of course, he has a few tips up his sleeve that he likes to give to consumers.


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"From my experience, the best tip I can give to florists is to put the tulips in just a few centimeters of water, not more. It is enough to keep the end of the stem wet. Yes, they drink a lot, so fill the vase daily with fresh water. You'll see that you will enjoy your tulips surely for a few more days without having to cut off parts of the stem."


Tulip Columbus in black vase
Tulip Columbus, Winfried's favorite tulip. Photo by @viherpikkurilli.


Flower Food From Chrysal

Then on to the flower food specialists of Chrysal to make this tiny tulip tutorial complete.

Chrysal advises florists that fresh, clean, cold tap water with the inclusion of a conditioner such as Chrysal Professional 2 is very important for tulips. This allows for a longer shelf life and ensures that the flowers develop well while preventing the flowers from opening up too much.


Tulip buckets by cabbages_and_roses
Bucketfuls of sheer unbridled joy on @mccormickcharlie's kitchen table. Photo by @cabbages_and_roses


Consumers at home are advised to start by cutting the stem 2-3 cm with a clean, sharp knife or scissors. Then place the flowers in a clean vase with fresh water and use Chrysal Clear Tulipa flower food in the correct dose for 1 liter of water. If you have received a sachet from your florist, this is the perfect dose. This will keep the leaves firm and green, the flowers will keep their beautiful colors better, and the tulips will last much longer. In case the tulips might be bent, leave the tulips wrapped in paper or foil for about an hour. This will straighten up the stem.

Then comes the moment of sheer joy: place the tulips where you can look at them endlessly. Be sure that this is a cool place, away from direct sunlight and drafts.


Chrysal solutions for tulips on Thursd
Chrysal's solutions for perfect tulips for growers, florists and consumers


Enjoy Your Tulip Season!

So, now you are completely ready for another season of splendor and color with these wonderful tulips. Have fun!


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