Monkey-Faced Orchids Are Among the Most Popular and Rarest of Them All

This orchid flower is bananas if you know what we're talking about and its like nothing you've ever seen. These pictures can confirm the craziness found in the center of this flower.

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Warning: these orchids are about to impress you as no other plant has ever done. The monkey-faced orchids are a rather popular, but very rare orchid type, attributed to their appearance. If you ever get the chance to cross paths with a monkey-faced orchid, you'll notice a real-looking monkey face in its center. Read on to know everything about these very rare orchids.

Do Monkey-Faced Orchids Really Exist? You Bet!

Yes, the rumors are true. Monkey-faced orchids actually exist and inhabit the tropical highland forests of Ecuador and Peru. To be lucky to see them is an understatement because we've never heard of any flower that lets you see the cutest monkey-looking image right in the center.


Monkey faced orchids Dracula simia on Thursd
Photo: New Under The Sun Blog


Although there are a couple of rare monkey-faced orchids, we're here to fill you in on all the gaps about them. Any monkey fans around? You'll want to travel all the way to South America just to see them.

An Explosion of Monkey Love in a Flower

Of the 120 species in the dracula orchid family, most of which are found in Ecuador and Peru, many are not seasonal blooms and can flower at any time throughout the year. One of the most popular though is the Dracula Simia.


Close up of Dracula simia monkey face orchid on Thursd
Photo: Ecuagenera


The botanical name refers to dracula meaning “little dragon”, and simia which makes reference to a monkey's face. Could you imagine having an orchid to stare at every day with a center-filled monkey face? Absolutely gorgeous.

Characteristics of the Monkey-Faced Orchid

These adorable tiny friends' lengthy faces, which are made up of numerous long petals, will definitely win your heart.


Incredible monkey faced orchids found in highland forests of Ecuador and Peru on Thursd
Photo: Indoor Home Garden


While the flower's center may resemble those of our distant relatives, the term refers to the two lengthy sepals that are found at the base of the petals and cover the flower's growing bud. This is what indeed gives it the monkey-looking face sprouted in the middle of the flower.

Monkey-Faced Orchids Have a Pleasant Fragrance

The aroma that the monkey orchid emits may be more appealing than its name or appearance. This specific species of orchid emits the aroma of ripe oranges as it blooms. What's best? Any time of year, in any season, they can blossom.


Monkey faced orchids have a pleasant ripe orange smell on Thursd
Photo: Andy's Orchids


Where Do Monkey-Faced Orchids Thrive and What Are the Appropriate Care Measures?

These adorable flowers do best when placed in spaces that have cool temperatures and partial shade. They are a type of species that does need a lot of care and love for it to keep their happy monkey-face alive for long periods of time. If you decide to get one of these beauties, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Live Monkey face in the center of this rare orchid on Thursd
Photo: Martha Stewart



Plant monkey-faced orchids in a cool, damp, shady, and very humid place. Ideal temperatures range from 42°F to 46°F (6°C to 8°C) and 66°F to 68°F (19°C to 20°C).


Your containers must allow for adequate drainage because only like this your monkey orchid will thrive. Watering and mist spraying is vital to keep your orchid alive and its blooming petals in beautiful conditions.


The ideal type of soil for monkey face orchids is orchid-specific soil. Orchid soil does not contain soil or sand but is made up of a combination of chunky ingredients that are close to its natural environment. 

You can possibly buy orchid soil at your local nursery if they are geared up for these specific plants.


Adorable monkey faced orchids have become very popular nowadays on Thursd
Photo: Martha Stewart


From 1-10, how cute would you rate the Dracula Simia monkey-faced orchid? On our view, it's definitely a 10.



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