Plants As Gifts

From a ‘thank you’ to a ‘congratulations’, here are four favorites.

By: THURSD. | 26-05-2020 | 1 min read
Indoor Plants Remarkable

From a ‘thank you’ to a ‘congratulations’: a plant is always nice to give and receive as a gift. Waterdrinker has selected 4 plants with a special meaning that are extra original to give as a present.


A charming succulent that is easy to maintain. Many different variations, therefore, choice for everyone! A plant with a tough character; a great gift for someone with perseverance. echeveria on thursd


This plant symbolizes a new beginning. The Calathea has its symbolism of the expression “to turn a leaf”, because that is exactly what the plant does when it gets dark. The perfect gift for someone who just bought a new home, has just graduated or has a new beginning awaiting in another way.

Calathea credit BloemenbureauHolland
Aloe Vera

In addition to the healing effects of the juice from the stems of the plant, the Aloe vera has a deeper meaning as well. This plant is said to attract positive energy. And that is what you wish every family member and good friend of course! Aloe Vera BloemenbureauHolland

Air Plant

An air plant – like the Tillandsia – looks very stylish in a home and you can also be super creative with it. Give it in a glass hanging pot or in a transparent pot with cork. No symbolic meaning behind these plants, but their air-purifying character does create a peaceful atmosphere. Air Plant on Thursd. waterdrinker Photo credits by Bloemen Bureau Holland


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