Prints for Wildlife by Brilliant Photographers Help to Save African Parks

There are 100 stunning different options to choose from, and all proceeds will go to help save African communities and animals.

By: THURSD. | 15-09-2022 | 2 min read
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The more time passes, the more endangered species and loss of biodiversity there are, resulting in an impactful and sad moment for the flora and fauna that inhabit the planet. For this reason, "Prints for Wildlife" was born with a special mission of saving African communities and endangered species.

"Prints for Wildfire" Is The Photographic Project Helping African Parks

National parks and other protected areas in Africa are still in danger because of the deterioration that affects approximately 50% of the continent's surface. And those that are not currently managed and resourced well will vanish over time.



For that reason, 100 photographers have come together to save more than 30 million hectares worth of African parks and all the endangered species that populate the areas. So, all in all, African parks will be protected by all the funds raised through "Prints for Wildlife".




'Prints for Wildlife'- Campaign to Raise Funds for African Parks

Originally created in 2020 with the goal of helping Africa's communities and wildlife areas after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, "Prints for Wildlife" has had an ultimate goal: to help the African animals and people who need it the most.


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After raising an incredible US$1.75 million for African Parks in two years by selling over 15,000 unique wildlife prints, it has returned again, but this time with a slight differentiation factor and mission coming from a group of 100 photographers.


Giraffes are included in the Prints for Wildlife collection on Thursd


What Animal Prints Can You Find in 'Prints for Wildlife'?

This year, the "Print for Wildlife" collection caught by 100 brilliant photographers includes a diverse array of animals and environments, including multiple vulnerable or engaged species like the western lowland gorilla and polar bear.


Prints for Wildlife series shot by 100 talented photographers on Thursd


If you have a profound love for animals, buying these prints is the perfect way to keep your love for them close to your heart while also helping save them and their habitat.


Incredible shot of birds makes part of Prints for Wildlife pictures on Thursd


Saving African Parks with the Participation of 100 Photographers

To support African Parks' efforts to expand the area under protection to 30 parks by 2030, more than 100 contributing wildlife photographers have provided over 100 photographs this year. If you want to help save the African communities and animals that inhabit these beautiful lands, we'll tell you exactly how. Every bit and voluntary donation counts to help out endangered animals and their surroundings. 


African gorilla in Prints for Wildlife photography on Thursd

Prints for Wildlife’s sale have already started on August 31st, 2022, where only 100 prints of each exquisite image will be available over September 25th or until they sell out. Each image is $100 (excluding shipping), and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to African Parks.


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If you want to help a good cause, visit Prints for Wildlifes' website.


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