Rogan Brown Cuts Coral Paper Sculptures to Illustrate Threatened Corals

Meticulously paper cut creative shapes by skilled British artist show the superpowers of endangered coral reefs.

By: THURSD. | 08-09-2022 | 2 min read
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Rogan Brown cut coral papers header on Thursd

The British artist Rogan Brown has presented his latest artwork involving cuts of coral paper sculptures capturing the beauty, intricacy, and fragility of the coral reef nowadays. Are you ready to be incredibly impressed? 

Rogan Brown Cuts Coral Paper Sculptures to Emphasize Environmental Impact on Coral Reefs

With an intricate hand and talent in what he does, Rogan Brown specializes in cutting delicate layers of paper to create artwork that has a real impact on the visual senses. Eschewing traditional materials such as stone and metal in favor of fragile paper, he creates sculptures that explore the natural world and science with fresh eyes.


Rogan Brown cuts coral paper sculptures to illustrate coral reefs in danger on Thursd
“Ghost Coral”


These artworks place organic forms under the microscope, magnifying them and distorting them to present new perspectives.

One Coral Paper Sculpture Artwork Goes by the Name of “Ghost Coral”

The world's coral reefs have become symbols of the devastating effects of global warming and man-made pollution and with cut coral paper sculptures, Rogan Brown aims to create awareness. With his so-called "Ghost Coral", he's managed to impress all the artistic paper pros and the end result is a magnificent work of thin paper art.


Rogan Brown cuts coral paper sculptures to create awareness in the care of coral reefs on Thursd


Two circular reliefs called "Ghost Coral" that are made of precise paper cuts splay outward, stacking the delicate lifeforms sliced from stark, white paper.


Rogan Brown cuts coral paper sculptures and created Ghost Coral on Thursd


“Coral Garden” Is Rogan Brown’s Second Cut Coral Paper Sculpture

The other piece, titled "Coral Garden," is Brown's interpretation of the heat-resistant organisms that scientists grow and plant in deteriorating patches to rejuvenate them. In this piece, he surrounds swaths of spindly, pale creatures with bright, healthy creatures that are encased in transparent bubbles.


Rogan Brown cuts coral paper sculptures to create Coral Garden art piece on Thursd
"Coral Garden"


The Method Behind His Cut Paper Sculptures

Rogan Brown cuts coral paper sculptures using a very laborious process, which entails designing the organisms, cutting them out with a laser, and then meticulously hand-painting and mounting them into their ultimate, sprawling shapes. For him, the delicate and brittle nature of the paper seems to be the perfect medium for conveying the subject.


Rogan Brown meticulous paper sculptures in shape of coral reefs on Thursd
"Ghost Coral"


Rogan Brown, in other words, is admirable.


Close up of Rogan Brown's paper coral reef sculptures on Thursd
"Coral Garden"


About Rogan

British artist Rogan Brown currently resides and works in France. He received his education in London, where he attended Goldsmiths College. He credits many branches of science, from the most minute physical phenomena like quarks and quantum energy fields up to biological structures and ecosystems, as an influence on his work.


Rogan Brown artist on Thursd


We hope these intrinsically beautiful, yet delicate cut coral paper sculptures create an impact on you to start taking better care of the coral reefs that habit the planet.



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