A Series of Fantastic Reviews About Rose Pretty Pillow

The new year starts with fabulous reviews from these five renowned florists featuring a new rose in the market.

By: THURSD. | 17-01-2024 | 4 min read
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Rose Pretty Pillow

New year... new rose, of course! Decofresh is beyond excited to present the newest rose that has joined its rose family. Introducing Rose Pretty Pillow to their rose assortment has been a fantastic decision because top floral designers from around the world are already praising it and giving it huge amounts of love. It could be in fact a new favorite for the year. Want to know more? Here's what they have to say.

Designers Working Their Floral Creativity With Decofresh's Newest Rose Pretty Pillow

Meet the unveiling of the latest addition to the floral world – the exquisite 'Pretty Pillow' rose bred by United Selections and grown by Ayana. The charming variety boasts a perfect blend of delicate rose hues and a creole pink so soft that it can be considered a full attention catcher for many floral designers upon close inspection.

The velvety pink petals are one of its most conquering characteristics, creating an allure that gives an arrangement a final touch of sophistication. Rose Pretty Pillow has already garnered attention for its precious color, stability, and exceptional durability, making it a standout choice for floral arrangements that demand longevity and elegance.


Rose Pretty Pillow design by Claudia Tararache
Floral design by Claudia Tararache incorporating the Pretty Pillow rose


Here's what floral designers such as Claudia Tararache, Vikens Blomsterhandel, Lisa Casta, Petri Rijsdijk of Fiori Bloemen, and Gaétan Jacquet have to say about a rose that is conquering the start of the year in the industry.

The Delicacy of Rose Pretty Pillow According to Claudia Tararache

Floral designer Claudia Tararache gets ecstatic when getting the chance to work with roses and better yet, create stunning floral arrangements with them. Here's what she said about the Pretty Pillow rose:

"Rose Pretty Pillow has the perfect touch of delicate rose with a creole pink so soft you'll look up close to admire the color. Nothing says it more than a soft shade with smooth petals."


Rose Pretty Pillow in a bouquet by Claudia Tararache
Rose Pretty Pillow in a bouquet by Claudia Tararache


Vikens Blomsterhandel's Design Irradiates Simplicity and Beauty

Any floral design will be a new shining star when incorporating Rose Pretty Pillow and floral artist Vikens Blomsterhandel can confirm it. He says:

"For me, Rose Pretty Pillow was a wonderful and delightful rose that was stable and very durable for the arrangement I created. I would use it again for sure!"


Vikens Blomsterhandel using Rose Pretty Pillow
Rose Pretty Pillow


A Heavenly Rose for Lisa Casta

There's no greater feeling for a floral designer than that of working with a new rose. Working their hands to create floral magic is possible when floral artists have the right flowers in their possession. For floral influencer Lisa Casta, designing with Rose Pretty Pillow was a very positive experience and a blast.


The splendor of Rose Pretty Pillow by Decofresh
Mini arrangement using Rose Pretty Pillow by Lisa Casta


"Rose Pretty Pillow is a beautiful rose and has a particularly beautiful shade/color that fully opens due to its long vase life."


Lisa Casta with Rose Pretty Pillow bouquets
Floral influencer Lisa Casta


Petri Rijsdijk of Fiori Bloemen Gives Her Opinion on Rose Pretty Pillow

Unique and driven, Petri Rijsdijk of Fiori Bloemen exudes a unique combination of thorough craftsmanship and characteristic creativity when creating with flowers. This time, she has a review of her own about Rose Pretty Pillow:

"This rose, named 'Pretty Pillow', has a beautiful soft color, opens up a bit but has the tenderness of a pillow, where you'd love to fall asleep."


The beauty of Rose Pretty Pillow in an arrangement
The beauty of the Pretty Pillow rose in an arrangement


Gaétan Jacquet's Experience With Decofresh's Newest Rose

The renowned floral designer Gaétan Jacquet shares an insightful outlook on what it was like for him to work alongside this gorgeous rose.


Rose Pretty Pillow in an arrangement by Gaetan Jacquet
Using Rose Pretty Pillow by Decofresh in an arrangement accompanied by other flowers


"A magical moment. A rose whose color is unlike any other. Many words could explain this incredible color: soft, tender, elegant, feminine, glamorous, and modern. Of this rose we also have to talk about its incredible look. For me, she will be a flower among flowers. This rose will also be an asset for events, very durable with a large button, it opens harmoniously to offer an unforgettable show that is both pastel and warm."


Floral design by Gaetan Jacquet using Pretty Pillow rose
Floral arch using Pretty Pillow roses combined with other types of florals


A Hit in 2024

Designers know in fact this rose will be a great hit in 2024 and many artists will be using it in their floral compositions because its beauty is undeniable, it's there, and it's strong.

More About Decofresh

Decofresh Aalsmeer is a marketing initiative in combination with a group of leading Kenyan farms, which sells a wide range of roses directly from Kenya. This trader supplies straight from the producer to its customers. The roses are hand-picked, quality inspected, well-priced, and extremely fresh.

The company plays a leading role in the research and development of new special varieties, working with leading breeders, and has launched and introduced many unique and niche market varieties.

Last but not least, Decofresh is any florist's rose paradise. They offer rosy dreams in a wide range of colors and shapes for floral designers and florists. Innovation and uniqueness are key to offering the best assortment from world-class growers.


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