Six Tips to Enjoy Tulips for as Long as Possible

Now that spring season is here, you'll want to have your flowers around for a longer time. These tips will do the trick!

By: THURSD. | 10-04-2024 | 2 min read
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Tulips are one of the best-loved flowers. They are one of those iconic eye-catchers that bring spring into our homes. But how do you make sure that you can enjoy these seasonal flowers for as long as possible? Here are six tips and tricks that'll do the work.

Keep Your Tulips Healthy and Blooming With These Six Tips

Tulips become a perennial favorite as spring blooms and brilliant colors flood our gardens, bringing just the perfect amount of color, textures, and blooming petals. But growing and caring for these delicate flowers is more than just throwing them in the ground and crossing your fingers. Knowing the subtleties of tulip care can greatly extend their lifespan and keep them flourishing in all their glory, whether you're an experienced gardener or you're just getting started.


How to care for tulips


Keep in mind these six tips:

1. Buy the Freshest Tulips You Can Find

It is best to buy tulips that show some color but whose buds are still closed. If the buds are already open when you buy them, flowering has already been set in motion and there is a chance that you will enjoy them for less time. The freshest tulips are grown locally. So, it's best to ask your vendor about their origin.


Fresh colorful tulips


2. Have Optimal Protection for Your Tulips

When you buy a beautiful bunch of tulips, make sure to have them wrapped properly in paper or newspaper. This protects the flowers and leaves from knocks and bumps. Paper wrapping will also protect the flowers against temperature differences between indoors and outdoors.


Tulips wrapped in paper for protection


3. Wrap Them in Newspaper

Before you display your tulips in a vase, carefully wrap them in newspaper. Put them in clean water and leave them in a cool spot for an hour. When you unwrap them afterward, you will find that the stems have grown nicely firm and straight.

4. The Right Cutting Technique

Your tulips will have been out of water for a while after buying them, which may cause the bottom of the stems to dry out. Therefore, trim an inch off the bottom of the stems with a clean knife. Cutting them at an angle helps the flowers absorb water more easily.

5. Clean the Vase Thoroughly

Flowers are sensitive to bacteria. Therefore, clean your vase thoroughly with green soap and rinse with water. Fill the vase with fresh tap water at room temperature. Change the water regularly to keep it clear and clean.


Tulips in a vase


6. Place Them in the Right Spot

Once your tulips are shining in a beautiful vase, it's important to pick the right spot to display them. This means avoiding direct sunlight and the vicinity of fruit. Fruit produces ethylene, a gas that makes flowers and leaves wilt more quickly.

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