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Also for Amaryllis flowers the right flower flower food is essential throughout the whole flower chain

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The answer is clear: Flower food is a necessity, not a luxury. It is common knowledge among high-end florists and other floristry professionals who work with flowers on a daily basis; choosing the right floral food can have a huge influence on your products. It not only impacts the longevity of flowers but also can help improve other important aspects - the flowers in general bloom better, they open better, vase life increases, the water remains fresher, there is a decrease in loss of petals, and they maintain a better overall appearance.

The 'Flower Food Chain'

Once flowers are cut, they are deprived of water, food, and growth hormones that are naturally provided to them by the mother plant in the pre-harvest stage. In order to allow the cut flower to still bloom in a natural way - while retaining its form, color, and scent - supplying them with the nutrition they need is key. And at the same time, protecting them from harmful bacteria. This must happen during every phase of the distribution chain: at the grower after cutting, the wholesaler, the florist retailer, and finally at the consumer's home. Interruption of this 'flower food chain' will irrevocably lead to loss of vase life.

The Driving Force in the Cut Flower Industry for Flower Food

Chrysal has been the driving force in the cut flower industry for decades and is the worldwide market leader in flower food. Whether you grow, transport, sell, or enjoy flowers at home, Chrysal has all the solutions to keep your cut flowers more beautiful and fresher for longer. Through constant innovation, a strong commitment to quality, and a continuous search for sustainable solutions, this leading company strives to exceed the wishes of its customers. With the aim: the best care for flowers and plants, satisfied consumers, and ultimately, a better world.

Erik Knoppert, Amaryllis Grower

For the flower of the month - the amaryllis, flower food is extremely important. According to grower Erik Knoppert, who supplies around 40% of the amaryllis to the Dutch markets, including all export companies who do business from The Netherlands, flower food is a necessity. Period.

Amaryllis Rilona in design by floral designer Tiffany van Lenten Erik thinks about the final stage in the 'flower food chain', when the flowers are discarded by the consumer at home.

"Amaryllis tend to make the water very dirty and smelly. The right flower food prevents this, so that when people take out the Amaryllis after flowering, the water is still fresh and clear. If you don't use flower food the water is really disgusting after two weeks or more, and people might decide to never buy amaryllis again because of it. You don't have this problem when you use flower food."
Erik Knoppert - Amaryllis grower - on Thursd.
Erik Knoppert - Amaryllis grower

The Best Use the Best Flower Food

Whether you know it or not, the best growers, wholesalers, and florists mostly work with Chrysal products. Everyone who aims to deliver the highest-quality product naturally uses the highest quality and best performing flower food. Only with the best flower food, you can provide the customers with the best possible flowers or floral arrangements. Chrysal Flower Food - on Thursd.

Wholesaler/Exporter About Chrysal

When flowers are being tested and put on display at the OZ Export offices, a Dutch exporter, they will always do that with Chrysal flower food. And there's a reason for that. The flowers need to look good when displayed, for themselves and their customers of course, but more so for the growers, they do the presentation for they have to make sure the flowers are being presented in the most optimal condition. Roy van der Voort, purchase and webshop manager from OZ Export:

"We have to take the max out of the flowers. For one variety it's important to bloom open in the best way, for another it might be to prevent leaves from turning yellow. With amaryllis in particular, it's the coloring of the flowers, but mainly to keep the water as clear and fresh as possible."
Rudger Piet on the left (Sales Manager), with Roy van der Voort at their booth at the IFTF exhibition in 2019.
Amaryllis different stages - opening flowers
Amaryllis with different stages of flowers opening. Picture by OZ Export.


It's no secret that when people in the industry don't use the true Chrysal Flower Food, they generally stay quiet about it. And industry's best companies that use Chrysal, talk about it. With confidence and pride. People don't do that when you use a 'substitute' flower food. People who communicate about their use of flower food normally say: "We naturally use Chrysal!". From Chrysal Some Amaryllis Care Tips Here are some more tips to enjoy this flower for a long time, before, during, and after Christmas:

You can read more about the Amaryllis and the right flower food at the Chrysal website.

Chrysal flower food testing area - on thursd. Chrysal flower food testing area Header image contains Amaryllis Rilona from grower Erik Knoppert in design by floral designer Tiffany van Lenten, photographed by OZ Export.



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