The Flowery Art Depiction of Aria Asakawa for 'Circle of Life'

In a beautiful, poetic editorial ‘Circle of Life’, images by photographer Takashi Murata come to life with flowers.

By: THURSD. | 30-03-2022 | 2 min read
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The Flowery Art Depiction of Aria Asakawa for Circle of Life header on Thursd

Takashi Murata presents his photographic editorial 'Circle of Life', in which we see the depiction of popular catwalk model Aria Asakawa with fragile flowers in a hostile environment. The flowers are in bloom, so they find a way to continue the ever-ongoing circle of life.

Circle of Life

The images tell the story in Murata's photoshoot ‘Circle of Life’. There is no direct explanation from the artist necessary to leave the interpretation to the viewer. The beautiful poetic setting looks mesmerizing and fairytale-like, yet portrays Aria Asakawa also in a threatening and finite world, like a dry and barren desert.

Aria Asakawa

Aria walks through the sesert like Le Petit Prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. She tries to find happiness, the hope for new life. Does she realize that hope gives life? Perhaps this is what the artist tries to tell us when he shows the flowers popping up in every footstep Aria takes and the green leaves that grow on her as she runs down the dune on which nothing ever grows? This heated-up planet is resilient, it can recover from years of degradation.



Takashi Murata

Takashi Murata has been actively showing his view on the world for a few years now. Some of his varied work is quite confronting, like the series Sweet Dreams for Blanc Magazine, whereas other works are more playful. The images in this article are from Takashi's series 'Circle of Life', also made for Blanc Magazine.



Sohei Yoshida

In the series Circle of Life Takahashi Murata is assisted by renowned stylist Sohei Yoshida, who also has an extensive curriculum in the fashion industry, creating the atmosphere and styling in shoots for Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue.


Credits: model is Aria Asakawa, photography by Takashi Murata, styling by Sohei Yoshida, hair by Masa Honda, make-up by Shino Ariizumi.

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