The World's Top 5 Biophilic Hotel Designs

As the world is becoming greener, hotels are becoming bolder and brighter with the presence of biophilic designs.

By: THURSD. | 22-06-2022 | 4 min read
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You might be wondering what biophilia is and why it's become so popular all around the globe, especially in newly constructed hotels. Architects are now involving nature in the design of their hotels at a very fast pace, with all the good "biophilic" intentions behind them. You know the saying, the more plants, the better! Here's everything you need to know about the world's top 5 biophilic hotel designs and how plants have become the deepest center and passion that embellishes them. 


First Things First, What Is Biophilia? 

In simple words, biophilia is the love for life of living things, in this case, when mentioning biophilic hotel designs, architects are talking about the love for plants and their ability to make an environment feel alive with the life and energy they give.

The word biophilia originates from the Greek, "philia" meaning love of. It literally means love for life or living things. Humans have a deeply ingrained cavernous love towards nature, which is an intuitive and natural drive imprinted into each human's DNA. It is because of this reason that hotels nowadays are becoming more and more green, involving eco-friendly practices and stunning naturalistic designs. Here are the world's top 5 biophilic hotel designs! Can you choose your favorite?

The World's Top 5 Biophilic Hotel Designs

Filled with every single hue of green imaginable, these hotels, embodied and embellished with life's greatest gift of nature, will mesmerize your eyes upon first sight. Add them to your travel bucket list because they cannot be missed out on! Get ready to bask in plant heaven.  

1. Kasiiya Papagayo, Costa Rica

Literally a hidden gem that is not visible from the sea or sky, Kasiiya Papagayo located in the Costa Rican jungle is considered one of the world's top 5 biophilic hotel designs, plus is about to become your escape destination. After visiting this breathtaking hotel in the middle of nature's finest jungle scenes, plants will take over your trip and make you feel completely energized. The resort, an eco-friendly space has seven tented guest suites that achieve a cocoon-like luxury amid the rugged terrain, with diverse plant life and the vast tropical singing of birds. As described by the owners, this property lives in harmony with nature, letting flora and fauna roam the forest floor. 


The World's Top 5 Biophilic Hotel Designs- on Thursd
Photo found on Pelorus Travel


2. Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara

Now that summer is finally here, Santa Barbara's palm trees are ready to receive you at the stunning Biltmore hotel. It is well-known to be one of the world's top 5 biophilic hotel designs because of its over 75 species of palm trees panorama. Without a doubt, this glamorous California hotel has one of the most brilliantly landscaped properties in the entire country, plus includes a full-plant experience for all the plant lovers out there. From forests of birds of paradise plants to endless succulents, ferns, and ficus growing through the green surroundings, you'll be staying in plant glory. 


Biltmore Hotel Santa Barbara-  on Thursd
Photo found on Black Tomato


3. Parkroyal Collection Pickering Hotel, Singapore

This is a real stunner and of course, falls in the category of the top 5 biophilic hotel designs. Why? Just take a look at it... Basically, it's a hotel in a garden. The architects behind this project created an elevated area of green space including cascading clusters of diverse types of foliage, making them visible from every single guest room and communal space. Featuring an eye-catching, yet gushing flowering understory, a waterfall, towering palm trees, and hanging vines, your eyes will be in for a real treat. There's nothing like treating your life and sight with the world's most beautiful pleasure: plants. 


Singapore Biophilic Hotel Design-  on Thursd
Photo found on Artfulliving


4. Public Hotel, New York City

Designed by Ian Schrager, Public Hotel located in New York City is considered one of the top 5 biophilic hotel designs, achieving a contemporary look whilst combining the architecture with urban greenery in a modern, fashionable way. Upon your arrival, you'll be able to enjoy a full wall of trees and a diverse range of alluring foliage, the reason why it's considered so biophilic. Green upon green and more green is prioritized in this hotel and it is no wonder why people love it so much! Plants have the ability to energize, oxygenate and just make your day happier and brighter just by seeing them! 


Public Hotel NYC-  on Thursd
Photo by Nikolas Koenig


5. Arctic Baths, Sweden

Remember that biophilic designs are the love for life and nature-looking like landscapes, and not always does it involve plants. When talking about nature and biophilic love, the innovative and rare Arctic Baths in Harads, Sweden, feature nest-like structures that have dug into everyone's curiosity. The intentionally randomly placed logs along its façade make this wellness destination a prime example of a biophilic, nature-centric design. 
Arctic Baths Sweden-  on Thursd
Photo found on Artfulliving




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