This Château Spring Wedding Shoot Makes Marginpar's Flowers Marvel

German Schloss von Hammerstein is filled with great flowers, creating a magnificent and dreamy air of romance.

By: THURSD. | 07-03-2022 | 2 min read
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It's the dream of (almost?) any couple to be wed; a fairytale wedding in a romantic castle, surrounded by an enchanting forest? This must be the location of the ultimate spring wedding. Especially when the German Schloss von Hammerstein is decorated with spectacular flowers from Marginpar.

So Many Flowers to Pick From

Suppose you are a florist and you would want this château-wedding to have the grandeur it deserves. OMG... there are so many flowers to pick from! You want to awe the couple-to-be-wed with flowers beyond their imagination. But you also want to show your skills and talent, yet play safe, surprise the couple, yet be sure to hit the right note, and (not unimportant) enjoy the flowers yourself as well. After all, you're a flower lover in the first degree.


Marginpar Wedding flowers Bridal Bouquet - quote on Thursd


The Bridal Bouquet

You'd pick the finest roses, of course. It's hard to imagine a wedding bouquet without them, although not impossible. But then you bring on the magic with Clematis Amazing Miami and Star River, Polianthes Pink Sapphire, Astilbe Vision in Pink, and Daucus Carota ‘Dara’.

You get excited when you see how easily all that beauty turns into a unique bouquet. You want more of these flowers, so on to your next project: the dining table.


The Dining Table

The table is pristine empty, but not for long. You got your hands on some Astilbe Vision in Pink, Daucus Carota ‘Dara’, Polianthes Pink Sapphire, Clematis Amazing Star River, Campanula Champion Blue, Eryngium Sirius Questar, and Astrantia Billion Star. Just the right flowers that will be talked about during the festive wedding dinner.

The best part is the satisfaction with the result after all the hours of preparation and creation. The flowers have done their job wonderfully! Strong and exuberant. You have definitely put your signature on this wedding, with a little help from Marginpar.


Marginpar Wedding flowers Wedding Arrangement - on Thursd


Happily Ever After

In many fairytales, finally, the prince and the princess get married. Well, these days also two princes or two princesses would do, or any other combination. Just as long as they're living happily ever after!


Marginpar Wedding flowers Wedding Arrangement - on Thursd


The Flowers in This Article

Summed up, here is how to get more information about the flowers from Marginpar used in this article, with links to the product pages:

Astilbe Vision in Pink
Astrantia Billion Star
Campanula Champion Blue
Clematis Amazing Miami
Clematis Amazing Star River
Daucus Carota ‘Dara’
Eryngium Sirius Questar
Limonium China White
Phlox Icecap
Polianthes Pink Sapphire


Marginpar banner Clematis on Thursd

Further credits:
Credits: Photography: Diana Frohmüller, Flowers & Decorations: Sylvia Hartmann Design, Bakery: Süße Verzauberung, Ceramics: Cornelia Naerger, Location: Schloss von Hammerstein, Bridalstore: Siödam, Dress: Daalarna Couture, Hair & Makeup: Hochzeitsstyling by Alexandra, Speaker: Nadine Weske, Models: Victoria & Niclas.



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