This Year’s Nature TTL Photography Contest Shows Unparalleled Animal and Skies in Lucid Action

The winners of this stupendous contest have been announced and the results are nothing but wow.

By: THURSD. | 31-08-2022 | 3 min read
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_Nature TTL Photography Contest header on Thursd

How is it even possible we live in such a cool, wild world? It is no coincidence that the Nature TTL 2022 photography contest allowed us to see through astounding photographs, the planet we live in. Lucky is an understatement, and you'll understand why below.

What to Know About the Nature TTL Photography Contest

Nature TTL prides itself on being one of the world’s leading nature photography resources, providing free tutorials and features that are enjoyed by photographers everywhere. It is the ultimate photography resource if you're looking to strengthen your photographic skills to the maximum.


While hosting this annual photography competition every year, 2022 was surely crazy for the Nature TTL Photography Contest. Over 8,000 entries were submitted with nature photographers competing for top honors in eight different categories only in 2022.

Animals and Sky-Lines Were This Year’s Main Photographical Focus

Clearly, the theme for this year was solely fauna and sky views, besides making a special emphasis on everything that has to do with nature Some of the most impressive images focus on fauna in the wild and stunning light-based phenomena that illuminate nighttime skies.


The Top of Australia is one of the best photographs of Nature TTL Photography Contest on Thursd
“The Top of Australia,” Kosciusko, Australia, Josselin Cornou


Images range from Matt Engelmann capturing an unaware dog fox as it steers over a Swiss mountain to Mauro Tronto capturing a rainbow shooting upwards from the magical Godafass waterfalls in Iceland with a little gift: the northern lights glowing overhead.


Nature TTL's Photography Contest features amazing photographson Thursd
“Pretty in Pollen,” Mutter’s Moor near Sidmouth, Devon, U.K., Tim Crabb


The Striking Overall Winners of the Nature TTL Photography Contest

There were two overall winners with the titles of "Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022", and "Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022".

Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022

The photographer of the year winner went to "A Cat and Its Prize" by Dennis Stogsdill from the United States. Dennis had received word about a serval hunting birds along the shore of Lake Ndutu (lower Serengeti) so he raced over to see.


Nature TTL's Photography Contest 2022 winner on Thursd


Upon arrival, he quickly realized that it was in fact a caracal and not a serval, and it was hunting flamingos that were feeding in the shallows. Within a minute of arrival, the caracal started stalking and eventually was successful at hunting one of the beautiful but unlucky birds.

Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022

"Vantage Points" by Achintya Murthy from India was the winner of this category. Malabar Parakeets are wonderful creatures. They are also called blue-winged parakeets, who are usually seen flocking together. In the midst of a bunch of activities, it was the photographer's privilege to shoot this image from a bird's hide. These two are seen fighting over a stump that had paddy grains as its feed.


Winning photo of the Young Nature TTL Photographer of the year on Thursd


Nature TTL Photography Founder

Will Nichols is a professional wildlife cameraman and photographer from the UK. He has been behind the camera since 2007, picking up a string of awards in photography competitions before making the jump into natural history film-making.


Will Nichols founder of Nature TTL Photography contest on Thursd


Nature TTL was launched in 2014, just before Will headed off to study Zoology. Nowadays, Will is a canopy access specialist and, when he isn't writing for Nature TTL, he's probably sitting atop a tree or staring at how fabulous nature is.

Applications for Nature’s TTL Photography Contest Will Open in the Next Months

If you're a photographer looking to show your skills and talent to the world, Nature TTL has announced on its website that the next contest submissions will open in January 2023.


Nature TTL Photography on Thursd
“Sunset Ray,” Tuna Factory, Maldives, Andy Schmid


For all of you who might be curious to ask if the competition is open to photographers worldwide, yes! The competition is open to photographers from all countries.



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