The World's Most Wonderful Nerines Presented by All I Am

These are our most wonderful and colorful flowers for this winter season.

By: THURSD. | 21-01-2022 | 2 min read
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These are the most beautiful amarines, and nerines that will light up your life. Thanks to the adventurous growers at All I Am, this autumn and winter you can enjoy a million shades of heartwarming pink and ravishing red. There are a lot of fantastic flowers to choose from, and we're confident you'll find your favorite among them. These are just some of the highlights of the new collection!

Amarine Anastasia

Don't miss out on this striking amarine. Elegant petals, a deep pink color that pictures really can't do justice. Amarine Anastasia will make your heart beat faster!


Nerine Bionce

This flower deserves an audience of millions. The petals are a radiant white, touched with a subtle light pink edge. Nerine Bionce is a popular choice for bridal bouquets, yet she's a queen on any occasion.


TOTF2021FE 14 All I Am - Nerine Bionce Nerine Bionce. Image by All I Am

Nerine Berenice

A bi-colored variety, bred in the Netherlands by Bas van Keulen and his neighbor Ben Jansen. Nerine Berenice is a flower with spectacular looks and a beautiful story: the flower was named by famous botanical illustrator Janneke Brinkman, after her deceased granddaughter.


Nerine Katjana

Outside the weather's frightful. Inside, you can imagine yourself in the tropics thanks to the warm, sparkly deep dark pink color of nerine Katjana. An excellent choice as a solo cut flower, or as part of a bouquet. Put another log on the fire, take in the beauty of Katjana... quite delightful!


Nerine Elegance Amor

There isn't a flower fan who does not fall head over heels in love with nerine Elegance Amor. It's simply love at first sight. A flower with beautiful deep red, glossy petals on a sturdy, green stem. Great to use as part of a beautiful bouquet, or in a decorative work of art.


TOTF2021FE 14 All I Am - Nerine Elegance Amor Nerine Elegance Amor. Image by All I Am

This Is All I Am

All I Am is a club of growers, traders, and florists. All experienced, knowledgeable, and adventurous with amarine, nerine, allium, and agapanthus. Together we build toward a sunny future, for fantastic flowers. Flowers such as nerine and amarine, that are (too) often the underdog at auctions. Fortunately, more consumers, florists, and designers are realizing that this is completely unjustified. Because amarine, nerine, allium, and agapanthus conquer hearts around the globe. These flowers are going to conquer the world with their color, shape, and style!

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