Tradescantia Roxxo Makes her Appearance

A dark purple beauty that combines well with your green plant color palette

By: THURSD. | 21-10-2020 | 1 min read

Nursery Dragontree

Well known Dracaena nursery 'Dragontree' introduces a dark purple beauty tradescantia; the tradescantia Roxxo. Tradescantia Roxxo

Tradescantia Roxxo

The people from the nursery have been working hard on this new product. And now they proudly present the dark purple and green Tradescantia Roxxo. Tradescantia Roxxo is a particularly strong and sturdy house plant which doesn’t ask for much care. It is a maintenance-friendly plant both in the sales phase and in the consumer's living room. Tradescantia ROXXO -  on Thursd. Pair

Beauty is in the Details

The dark purple leaves and dark stems catch your eye immediately, and, as always, the beauty is in the details; the stems in paticular invite you to take a closer look. Unlike most regular Tradescantia, the Roxxo is not a hanging plant but an upright plant.

An Iconic Plant

It's an iconic plant that combines well with other houseplants. It's a great plant with an impressive color to give some depth in your green plants color palette in your home or tropical garden.

Limited Numbers

From week 43 in 2020 onwards, limited numbers of Tradescantia Roxxo will be available on the market in a 12 cm pot. Nursery Dragontree is proud to inform you it has a 100% recyclable botanical label. The production of Tradescantia Roxxo will gradually be expanded and other pot sizes will be added to the assortment and also become available in the near future. Tradescantia ROXXO -  on Thursd. Label

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