Vitor Schietti's Pictures Show Trails of Illuminated Bonsai Trees

The fascination that nature and photographs embody is like no other and these images surely prove it.

By: THURSD. | 28-12-2022 | 3 min read
Trails of light illuminate sculptural bonsai trees header on Thursd

Pulsating life can be found anywhere, even in the corners you never thought life existed. Nature's origin and fragments of living life have been revealed and genuinely exposed in Vitor Schietti's recent double-exposure photographs portraying the magic of illuminated bonsai trees.

Impermanent Sculptures by Vitor Schietti

The visual depictions of dreams and recollections as the foundation of one's identity are a central theme in Vitor Schietti's artistic creations. His subjects range from landscape to portrait, and he frequently uses multiple exposures, long exposures, and light painting techniques.


Illuminated bonsai tree sculptures by Vitor Schietti on Thursd


Like is the case in his talented collection of art named 'Impermanent Sculptures' where he explores the existing and longing relationship between nature and human interaction. In this case, Vitor traverses the magic that lies within bonsai trees and lights, which gives the illuminating trail an outstanding, whimsical night view.

The Significance Behind Impermanent Sculptures

For Vitor Schietti, life appears in an infinite number of ways. But the understanding of it is somewhat constrained. However, he emphasizes the fact of what if we could broaden our gaze to include the vibrant life? What if we could observe energy strands forming throughout the natural world? The main goal of this endeavor is to capture the transience and pulse of existence. It refers to something that existed before life began, more specifically an impulse or primordial power that permeates and emits from all things, including those that don't appear to be living things.


Bonsai tree art made by Vitor Schietti on Thursd


The Power of Bonsai

Cultivated for centuries in Japan, bonsai, which originated in China at least 4,000 years ago, is greatly treasured as a symbol of balance and harmony. Not only that but they are continuously praised and admired for their aesthetic beauty, which gives as a result their appearance in thousands of homes worldwide.


Fragments of illuminated bonsai trees on Thursd


Vitor Schietti’s ongoing project Impermanent Sculptures continues to tap into the strength of the trees in a photographic series of illuminated specimens. It is through interesting captures like these that the true enchantment and incantation of bonsai trees and lights are seen.

Vitor Schietti Shows Bonsai Beauty Through Long-Exposure Photographs

The link between the immediate character of light, the ephemerality of the snapshot, and the enduring nature of the lifeforms are discussed in long-exposure photographs that capture bright streams from sparklers that contrast against rich, black backgrounds.


According to Schietti, the scaled-down representation of the bonsai's grown, real counterparts allow his strokes of sparkles to reach further through the outlines of the trees. He claims that bonsai offers a chance to shed light on what he calls the 'soul, the source of life,' of these living things and that the act of cultivating and caring for one of the tiny botanical specimens exposes a special human connection to nature.

Photographer Vitor Schietti

The visual depictions of dreams and recollections as building blocks of one's identity are central to Vitor Schietti's artistic work. His themes range from landscape to portrait, and he frequently employs long exposure, light painting, and multiple exposure techniques. Schietti graduated from the University of Brasilia with a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication (2009). He studied film at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles (2010).


Vitor Schietti photographer on Thursd
Vitor Schietti


In 2011, he provided funding for Colmeia, a photographic studio in Brasilia that specializes in advertising, fashion, and fine art photography. The firm is still in operation today thanks to his former partners. He relocated to Barcelona in 2017 and worked as the director of the Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture until late 2020 when he returned to photography and video with full concentration.

To see more of Vitor's work, head to his website.


Photos: Vitor Schietti


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