Discover the Beauty of the Japanese Ranunculus Charlotte

Have you ever heard about this ranunculus variety? It slays and impresses when used in any arrangement.

By: THURSD. | 31-01-2024 | 4 min read
Charlotte ranunculus is a showstopper

With a name like that sweet girl next door, the Ranunculus Charlotte is anything but ordinary. It's about time you get to know more about one of the most wanted Japanese ranunculus of all time. With their top-heavy blooms, this mega ranunculus equals a peony’s appearance and makes a great addition to a loose garden-inspired arrangement.

The Most Wanted Ranunculus

Each flower coming from the land of the rising sun promises to make a jaw-dropping entrance to the flower market, but why is this particular one so different and popular? Continue reading to find out!


The beautiful Ranunculus Charlotte variety
The perfection of the Ranunculus Charlotte variety


What better way to find out more about this Asian beauty than to speak with ranunculus and Japan connoisseur Kenishi Saito, the COO Managing Director of the Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association JFPEA Office, who has many years of experience in making connections with the Japanese flower market and the promotion of its floral products. He shares his thoughts on the 'Charlotte' ranunculus variety:

“The Charlotte ranunculus variety has such a vibrant appearance. With its big head-size and the position of the leaves it looks just like a large open peony. That makes it the most wanted ranunculus of these times.”


Kenishi Saito, the COO Managing Director of the Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association JFPEA
Kenishi Saito, the COO Managing Director of the Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association JFPEA


A very interesting insight from Mr. Kenishi Saito:

"The Ranunculus Charlotte is on the market in several colors and in three cutstages: small, middle, and premium, like the ones you see here in the pictures. My recommendation is to buy the middle cut stage. They will open up beautifully and their vase life is much longer even."


Orange pink Charlotte ranunculus in an arrangement
The striking appearance of the Charlotte variety in a flower arrangement


The Origin of This Vibrant Specialty Ranunculus

Ranunculus Charlotte was introduced by the Japanese breeder Aye and is exclusively grown at the Flower Spirit Nursery in Japan. Originating from Central Asia, ranunculus flowers eventually ended up in Europe. However, this specific strain is a true Japanese beauty with protected tubers of its original grower. That makes it an extra specialty.


Hot Pink Charlotte ranunculus flowers
Hot Pink Charlotte ranunculus


Did you know that the Japanese ranunculus season is in sync with the Italian season? This large ranunculus is more and more taking over the ranunculus season and nowadays, florists by bunches swoon over the light pink, cerise, and orange colors of the Charlotte variety.


Ranunculus Charlotte used in a floral composition
How Ranunculus Charlotte can be used in a floral composition
Photo: @rkflorals


The Spectacular Fuse of Colors of the Charlotte Ranunculus

If you're a person who loves bright colors that give a soft vibe, this is the ideal flower for you because the mix of colors in the petals of this specific ranunculus variety is simply spectacular. Although it has a slight mix of colors, the Charlotte ranunculus also comes in light pink colored, cerise pink colored, and orange-colored tones. For a spring or summer arrangement, this is a perfect choice because at first sight it expresses delicacy, grace, and charm all at the same time.


Amazing colors of Charlotte ranunculus
A fuse of colors with a dark pink center and more peachy outer borders in the Charlotte ranunculus


This variety also does wonders when using it to decorate any interior space or event of your choice, and can even be used as the perfect compliment and companion for wedding bouquets. By placing Charlotte ranunculus in a wedding bouquet, you're automatically in for the win because it looks stunning beyond words. It just adds more volume, texture, and depth with its unique array of colors and patterns. All in all, a space that includes Ranunculus Charlotte will always slay and look stunning without a doubt. Some even say it's a hypnotizing flower that captures your attention non-stop.


A wedding bouquet with pink Charlotte ranunculus
A wedding bouquet featuring whitish-pink Charlotte ranunculus flowers


Love at First Sight

Charlotte is not your ordinary ranunculus and therefore not the cheapest one. It is exported from Japan to the United States and Europe and it is an expensive strain. The export is mostly requested in small numbers of 20/30 stems per bunch for it to stay affordable and interesting for the florist. But once you put your eyes on this beauty, all of that is forgotten since it is love at first sight for the florist. It comes in the largest sizes known for ranunculus: the Superrohne (with a 13.5 cm wide flowerhead), Rohne (11 cm width), and Carno (9 cm width).


Ranunculus Charlotte from Japan
Asian beauty Ranunculus Charlotte in a light orange tone from Japan


Do you want to experience the divinity of this ranunculus? For your information, it is available from the first months of the year up to the ranunculus season. Besides using Charlotte in any type of indoor decor or as a gift in an arrangement, you must know it is also a stunner of an addition to your Valentine's Day arrangements or springtime creations.


Charlotte ranunculus used in a wedding bouquet
Charlotte ranunculus flowers used in a wedding bouquet


Designers, traders, and florists worldwide are in awe of this big-headed beauty. It's time to make Charlotte part of your floral spotlight and make them the beauty queen of your arrangements.



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