Helena van Achterberg

Helena van Achterberg is the passionate Marketing & Communication Officer at Marginpar.

Helena van Achterberg

Helena van Achterberg (37) joined Marginpar 3,5 years ago as a marketing & communication officer; to tell the Marginpar story. She came from the world of television and events where she had always been busy creating content. She was new to the world of flowers but was quick to learn all about them and ready to start sharing.

Let’s start out with the base; What does marketing & communication entail? Helena: “I am responsible for all media expressions both internally and externally. A few examples are newsletters, the website, social media and events. Luckily I don’t do this alone; we are a team of three, with Michiel van Paassen (who is our Sales and Marketing Manager) and our most recent addition, Eva Hegt (Marketing & Communication Jr). Together we tell the story of Marginpar. We like to tell it in several parts; a tale about our flowers (product and design), our people (staff, breeders, partners), and our care for nature and the community around us.” 

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