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Valerie Tan

Valerie Tan, a multifaceted individual, is not just a partner and Marketing Manager at Floral Garage Malaysia but also a passionate florist and marketing enthusiast. With an unwavering love for nature and a keen eye for aesthetics, Valerie brings a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the floral industry. Her journey into the world of flowers began not only as a profession but as an extension of her love for the vibrant beauty found in nature.

Valerie's role as a partner and Marketing Manager at Floral Garage Malaysia reflects her commitment to bringing joy and elegance into people's lives through the language of flowers. Her creativity in floral arrangements is a testament to her deep connection with the natural world, and her marketing prowess ensures that these expressions of beauty reach and resonate with a wide audience.

Outside the realm of flowers and marketing, Valerie is an avid traveler, finding inspiration in the diverse landscapes and cultures she encounters. Her dedication to both her professional and personal pursuits makes Valerie Tan a dynamic force in the world of floral artistry and marketing innovation.

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