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About Geertje Stienstra Floral Designer

Inspiration and Enthusiasm

Inspiration and enthusiasm - that is where the great strength of Geertje Stienstra, Floral Designer lies. The Heerenveense has made a name for itself at home and abroad in the past decade with its distinctive way of demonstrating and styling. With original, innovative, and special flower arrangements she knows how to surprise florists, students, companies and individuals time and again.

Urge to Innovate

This urge to innovate earns her beautiful assignments from wholesalers and growers, who are charmed by her inspiring, contemporary flower arrangements and styling. At the same time, with her floral design colleagues, students, and private individuals, she offers plenty of new opportunities and ideas. By constantly devising techniques and shapes and combining materials differently than usual, Geertje Stienstra always creates something new, something special, something unique.


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Geertje Stienstra Floral Designer Geertje Stienstra, Ganzenweide 37, 8446 KR Heerenveen, Netherlands

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