10 Questions to
10 Questions to Petr Anokhin, A Seasoned Florist "To stay competitive, I actively use social media to promote my work and attract new clients."
Jun 12 | 12 min read
Eduardo Letort
10 Questions to Eduardo Letort, General Manager Hoja Verde Roses "Creating a brand out of your roses, accords you access to even the strictest of markets globally."
Jun 06 | 5 min read
10 Questions to
10 Questions to Karen Barnes, Award-Winning Wedding and Event Planner "Nothing brings so much joy than seeing my students' passion and efforts to becoming exceptional florists manifest"
May 29 | 9 min read
Natasja Mironova
10 Questions to Natasja Mironova, the owner of Sobolj and Flower Experience Building and maintaining a solid network and bridging to other sectors will take you further in this industry.
May 08 | 8 min read
Eli Perez
10 Questions to Eli Perez, the General Manager of Rosamina "Today, we are the largest Protea and greens farm in South America."
Apr 18 | 8 min read
10 Questions to Srikant Kanoi
10 Questions to Srikant Kanoi, a Bespoke Floral Designer "Teach yourself to celebrate the positives in others and avoid the rest; controversy amounts to no good."
Mar 13 | 8 min read
10 Questions to Sahid Nahim
10 Questions to Sahid Nahim, Founder, and CEO at New Blooms Solutions Remind yourself that "this too shall pass" and try to live and enjoy the present moment, while staying optimistic for a better tomorrow.
Mar 06 | 8 min read
10 Questions to Adrian Parsons
10 Questions to Adrian Parsons , Managing Director Helix Australia Manage tasks but breaking them into smaller chunks: "Life's like a Chinese meal-lots of small dishes, not a one massive plate at one."
Feb 28 | 5 min read
10 Questions to the Famous Meltem Tepeler From KM Events "Based in Istanbul and Dubai my profession allows me to make a meaningful impact and bring people together in celebration and joy. And flowers are very important to make a difference."
Master Floral Designer, James Fran├žois-Pijuan
10 Questions to James Fran├žois-Pijuan, a New York Master Floral Designer His story is an epic journey through floristry and floral design and an unwavering determination to revive New York's floral heritage.
10 Questions to
10 Questions to Joey Azout, President of Alexandra Farms In the midst of adversity, just breathe and do not lose sight of the bigger picture.
Jan 26 | 7 min read
10 Questions to John Davidson
10 Questions to John Davidson, Finance Director Tom Brown Wholesale Florist Ltd To realize desirable change within the industry, being proactively involved is crucial to fueling and enhancing the achievement thereof.
Jan 04 | 8 min read

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