10 Questions to the Famous Meltem Tepeler From KM Events "Based in Istanbul and Dubai my profession allows me to make a meaningful impact and bring people together in celebration and joy. And flowers are very important to make a difference."
Master Floral Designer, James Fran├žois-Pijuan
10 Questions to James Fran├žois-Pijuan, a New York Master Floral Designer His story is an epic journey through floristry and floral design and an unwavering determination to revive New York's floral heritage.
10 Questions to
10 Questions to Joey Azout, President of Alexandra Farms In the midst of adversity, just breathe and do not lose sight of the bigger picture.
Jan 26 | 7 min read
10 Questions to John Davidson
10 Questions to John Davidson, Finance Director Tom Brown Wholesale Florist Ltd To realize desirable change within the industry, being proactively involved is crucial to fueling and enhancing the achievement thereof.
Jan 04 | 8 min read
Albert Tranquilino
10 Questions to Albert Tranquilino, Founder of Darcey Flowers "Through hard work and dedication, I turned that dream into a reality by building Darcey Flowers."
Nov 29 | 7 min read
Regine Motmans
10 Questions to Regine Motmans, Floral Connector at Thursd Stay tuned for a captivating glimpse into her global floristry adventures and her creative endeavors in shaping upcoming floral trends.
Nov 22 | 10 min read
10 Questions to Disha Copreaux, the CEO of Red Lands Roses
10 Questions to Disha Copreaux, the CEO of Red Lands Roses "I want Kenya to be positioned as a leading and competitive flower grower in the world."
Jeroen van der Hulst
10 Questions to Jeroen van der Hulst, Founder of FlowerWatch One of the pioneers of shipping flowers as sea freight more than a decade ago.
Nov 01 | 8 min read
Emma Coupe
10 Questions to Emma Coupe, Trading Manager at Marks & Spencer People and product takes precedence in any business, floral industry is such that when you have the right kind of people and product, nothing will come in the way of your success.
Oct 25 | 7 min read

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